Getting You Ready for Summer with the Watermelon Festival

Since winter has whisked past us and we’re well into spring, the Rio Grande Valley is getting ready for the summer with plenty of water, raspas and delicious fruit. The best way to help you prepare for summer is by attending Alamo’s Annual Watermelon Festival on May 13th from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM at... read more

Taste an Award-Winning Michelada in Alamo!

Some cities have similar eateries on every corner while others house unique restaurants not normally found in other areas. Cities like Austin are known for having quirky restaurants that separate themselves from others in the state, but you don’t have to travel over four hours for a glimpse of one-of-a-kind places to eat. From Tower... read more

3 Things That Alamo Offers its Citizens That You Can Take Advantage of as a Business Owner

Alamo is an emerging city in South Texas that entices thousands each year. Whether it’s because of the year-round beautiful weather, local food, numerous festivals or the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge, Alamo has something for everyone to enjoy. As a business owner, you can take full advantage of the population bursts the city experiences. Find... read more

How Locating Just Minutes from McAllen Can Help Your Business Succeed

When looking for a location in South Texas for your business, large cities like McAllen and Edinburg will most likely be considered. With a fast-paced level of activity, countless competitors and high prices, sometimes doing business in a large city isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. In South Texas, with the McAllen, Edinburg... read more

How Your Business Can Succeed with the Help of the Alamo EDC!

The Rio Grande Valley has experienced immense growth in the residential and commercial sectors. Through numerous events and tourist attractions, this success has been felt throughout the cities of the region. One city that has experienced this firsthand is Alamo. With numerous highly recognized corporations like Walmart, Goodwill, HEB, McDonald’s, Walgreens and CVS making their... read more

What is an Economic Development Corporation (EDC)?

Economic development corporations (EDCs) are usually non-profits dedicated to assisting new and established business to grow and succeed. Each state and many local governments have these agencies to focus on long-term growth for the region. EDCs differ from chambers of commerce that promote the interests of businesses in a particular geographical area. Generally, state EDCs... read more

Learn More About the Alamo Revolving Loan Fund Program at Our Business Workshop on March 29th!

If you’re a business owner looking to expand, relocate or get started, then we have an incentive that will benefit you. The Alamo EDC’s Revolving Loan Fund Program has helped numerous businesses over the years transform, expand or establish their foundation in our beautiful and growing city. On Wednesday, March 29th, the Alamo EDC will... read more

3 Tips for Businesses Looking to Locate in South Texas

South Texas has received a growth spurt over the last few years with no signs of slowing down. A booming retail economy with more expansions in residential development has helped the McAllen-Edinburg-Mission region surpass El Paso as the fifth largest metropolitan statistical area in Texas. With a number of businesses looking to locate in South... read more

How the Alamo EDC Goes Out of its Way to Assist the City’s Entrepreneurs

Hidalgo County will be launching a program aiming to assist entrepreneurs looking to start or strengthen their businesses in underserved communities. Mirroring the Mission Economic Development Corporation’s Ruby Red Venture programs, the Enterprise Fund will aim to function similarly. If your business requires help to succeed, then contact the Alamo EDC for available tailored incentives!... read more

Why You Should Consider South Texas as a Prime Location for Your Business

When many people speak of South Texas, cities like San Antonio are the first to be mentioned. Although some do consider San Antonio to be part of this region, the Rio Grande Valley has seen an influx in population that contributes to expanding businesses and development. Your business can flourish in South Texas! Contact the... read more

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