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The City of Alamo has established itself as the birding and ecotourism capital of South Texas and is leading the Rio Grande Valley in adopting green practices and enhancing the bird corridor, which has led to significant business expansion and overall growth.

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The Alamo Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is dedicated to promoting and providing new business opportunities that will foster the growth of our community. Our programs are created and managed with the sole purpose of fostering economic development through new jobs and drawing both private and public investments to our community.

We seek to increase our community’s development and self-sufficiency by supporting measures that emphasize local initiatives and opportunities such as:

  • Implementation of solar panels – rolling out phase by phase downtown
  • Infrastructure upgrades across the city
  • Park improvements (over 500K last year)

The main goal of our organization is to increase private enterprise and individual opportunity in this community. That’s why each of our initiatives to attract and retain businesses seek to serve as an incentive for investment in the private sector and the creation of jobs and new business opportunities from both public and private sources.

Alamo Solar Panels | City of Alamo EDC

Investing in Alamo

We understand that in order to attract and retain businesses that will foster economic development, we must provide the most accessible and business-friendly climate possible. That’s why our organization partners with countless other affiliates that are committed to the growth and expansion of our city’s economy.

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When resources are available, the Alamo EDC also offers grants to new and existing businesses for offsite improvements to assets within the public domain such as:

  • Water distribution
  • Sewer collection
  • Drainage
  • Public thoroughfares
  • Medians
  • Street lighting
  • Solid waste collection
  • Signage

Grow Your Business with Alamo

For more information about the Alamo Economic Development Corporation, or to learn about our initiatives and why our community is the perfect place to bring your business, contact us today at 956.787.6622.

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