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How Tower Burger Co. Made an Impact in Alamo

Burger restaurants are plentiful in the Rio Grande Valley. It used to be hard to find authentic and local homemade food in the sea of corporate-run restaurants. That is until Tower Burger Co. opened its doors. Not only did it introduce South Texas to its delectable, one-of-a-kind burgers, this amazing restaurant has been generating buzz all over the RGV.

Starting a Scrumptious Dream

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Since age 8, Eddie Cuéllar II knew where his passion lay. He wanted to bring joy to people through local and delectable cuisines. “I grew up watching chefs like Emeril Lagasse and Rachael Ray. It’s been my passion to cook. I knew this is what I wanted to do and I’ve never wanted to do anything else.”

Growing up in Alamo, Cuéllar was destined to make his dream come true in the place he knew best. After graduating from P.S.J.A. Memorial High School, he attended The Arts Institute of Dallas for Culinary Arts Management. Learning and putting his passion to work, he graduated and returned to Alamo with one sole mission. “I wanted to make comfort food with the authenticity of the Valley. I wanted to bring it to Alamo.”

The Best Burgers Are Born

Opened in September of 2014, Tower Burger Co. has since become a South Texas staple in Alamo, enticing new customers from all over the Valley. “We get people from all over the Valley. We also get a lot of Winter Texans who really love the unique flavors we put together,” he added.

The restaurant encompasses fun burger names with local flavors, like their “Fungus Amungus Burger”, which has caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, baby Swiss cheese and LT. Another favorite is their appetizing “SexyMexi”, which comes with a chorizo patty, asadero cheese, jalapeños, avocados and crèma.

They have a burger for every taste bud, including options for vegetarian diets. With eight signature burgers and five different combos, their menu is full of savory goodness. “Everything is affordably priced. And we can keep changing the menu by adding new items to try out different flavors and keep customers intrigued.”

The burgers aren’t the only thing the restaurant is known for. All over social media, you’ll find their famous Loaded Fries. Topped with bacon bits, crèma, scallions and, of course, cheese sauce, these fries have everyone licking their plates clean. And we haven’t mentioned their classic confections!

From delicious appetizers, hearty burgers and perfect sweets, Tower Burger Co. has everything under one family-friendly roof. Maybe that’s why so many people have made them their main food staple.

Praised Throughout the RGV

Now close to celebrating its two-year mark, Tower Burger has received praise from several different sources. Rated 5 out of 5 for food, service and ambiance, RGV.COM has commended Tower Burger Co. for “holding its own against the surge of new burger places opening across the RGV.”

Named one of the “Best Burgers in the Rio Grande Valley” by and scoring 4.7 stars out of 5 on Facebook, Tower Burger Co. has earned a praise-worthy reputation for great food. Also with high recommendations from Yelp and Trip Advisor, there is no way you can live in the RGV and not give it a try!

Home Success

With many options for locations throughout the RGV, bigger cities often steal the spotlight. Smaller cities like Alamo, though, provide better opportunities for businesses to shine and provide a tight-knit sense of community. Cuéllar knew that there was no other place to provide a better business opportunity than where he grew up. Closing in on the two-year mark, Tower Burger Co. is continually gaining success due to the positive local encouragement and support.

“I knew to stay away from the bigger cities. Alamo has a sense of community. It’s where I grew up. Now I am able to provide jobs for locals, give back to my community and create growing support where I live.”

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Home Town Advantage

Combining great local support in Alamo, Tower Burger has been elevating itself from all other burger joints in the RGV to make a lasting impression on those who visit. Come try what the entire Valley has been buzzing about at 505 E. Business 83 in Alamo. Open Monday thru Thursday from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Friday thru Saturday from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM and Sundays from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM, stop by to try one of these delicious burgers for yourself!

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