Compass Publishing Inc. Mapping Out Success

Linn and Kathy Backus have owned and operated Compass Publishing Inc. for almost 20 years. An entirely underrated profession, Linn and Kathy are quite content to be the ones behind the scenes of high quality site maps. These maps are usually what visitors first see upon entering an RV resort or country club. How else would you know where everything is?

Compass Publishing Inc. is in business to promote the Recreational Vehicle Campground Business by providing the highest quality site maps in the industry. The Backus’s maps are provided at no charge to the campground but are in fact supported by the advertising contained within the map.

Small Company, Big Benefits

Due to its small size, the company has more of a down-home feel, allowing present and future clients to develop a personal relationship. This ensures quality service and clients get the most out of their experience.

Linn and Kathy are adamant about not using any printing presses. Their company uses print houses all over the country to print their products. Print houses offer quality and fast service and are a cheaper alternative to printing presses which often require extensive maintenance.

What Competition?

For anyone interested in hiring Linn and Kathy, they boast that there will be a six to eight week turnaround for published maps after the completion of sales for any company that does business with them.

As stated on their website, “our quality and service is envied by our competition. We frequently hear stories of them trying to convince campground owners that their products and services are as good as Compass Publishing Inc.”

Clients of Compass Publishing Inc. include:

  • Long Island Village
  • Gregory Moore RV Resort
  • RGV Chapter – TRVA
  • Casa Del Valle
  • River Bend Resort
  • Llano Grande Lake Resort Park

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