About The City of Alamo

Alamo is quickly becoming one of the most vibrant cities for businesses in South Texas. A quiet, close-knit community with the perks of city life nearby, Alamo enjoys a robust economy with production and low living costs, bringing unique opportunities for businesses and manufacturers alike. Our city offers a host of benefits for businesses seeking to expand or relocate to the area, including tax incentives and exclusive access to a diverse market area of 2.5 million people thanks to our central location and proximity to Mexico.

Tourism Equals Big Profits

Each year, Alamo hosts thousands of tourists who take advantage of our tropical climate, birding and wildlife attractions, and nearby world-class shopping and entertainment venues. Our city’s thriving economy is supplemented in part by the vast market reach of the many visitors who explore the region on a daily basis.

Santa Ana | City of Alamo EDC

As the number one birding destination in the United States, Alamo is home to the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge. Known as the jewel of the National Wildlife Refuge system, Santa Ana spans a remarkable 2,088 acres of land in Alamo. Nearly 132,000 visitors from all over the world visit the refuge each year to see over 400 species of birds and half of all butterfly species found in North America.

The nearby Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle shrine is also visited by millions of people a year, many of whom settle in our city’s hotels, enjoy local cuisine and give a considerable annual boost to our local economy.

We Stand the Test of Time

In Alamo, businesses continually profit from our low operating costs, local tax incentives and no state income tax. Our community is home to many successful businesses that have been in operation for 20, 30 and, in one case, 75 years. The reason is our supportive network of business organizations and professionals who partner with the city’s economic development corporation (EDC) to foster a business-friendly climate and support for businesses relocating and expanding to the area.

City of Alamo | City of Alamo EDC

Experience the Economic Vibrancy of Alamo

Alamo City Hall | City of Alamo EDC

The City of Alamo understands that in order to attract the best, we must be the best. We commit ourselves to provide comprehensive supportive and efficient solutions for your business needs. For more information about how Alamo can work for your business, contact the EDC today at 956.787.6622.

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