Use Our Revolving Loan Program to Open Your Business in the City of Alamo!

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Alamo EDC helps small businesses thrive by offering economic incentives such as the Revolving Loan Fund Program (RLF). The RLF Program helps start-up companies with low-cost alternatives to afford construction, property, and equipment costs. We also offer loan options with a minimum of $10,000 and a maximum of $150,000!

Our RLF program recently helped the El Carmelo Convenience Store and The Landmark on Tower.

Use Our Revolving Loan Program to Open Your Business in the City of Alamo!

El Carmelo Convenience Store

1451 W. FM 495

El Carmelo Convenience Store opened its doors on June 15th, 2021. Abraham Philipose first reached out to Alamo EDC about the property and then applied for the RLF Program. This program granted him a $75,000 loan to start up his business with an APR interest rate of 4%.

“The support from the City of Alamo and the Alamo EDC has been remarkable,” Philipose remarked, “I think and hope any business in Alamo will be very successful and the city is always there for support.”

Landmark Tower logo on land for sale alamo.

The Landmark on Tower

103 N. Tower Rd.

The Landmark on Tower is nearly completed and is expected to open in December 2021! It is co-owned by Roy Landa. His vision for The Landmark is to include a food truck park, self-pour taproom, and more!

The Alamo EDC helped Landa with the RLF Program by offering a low interest rate between 5 -10% for construction purposes! “The EDC made the whole process very easy,” said Landa when asked about working with Alamo EDC.

Create Your Dream Business in Alamo!

There are many business opportunities and commercial properties for sale in the city of Alamo! Send us a message online to learn more. * Loan fund Interest rates and offers may vary without notice.


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