A Few Watermelon Festival Hacks to Keep in Mind

May has finally arrived and that means plenty of things in Texas - watermelon eating, music festivals, hot weather, pool parties, drinking (responsibly, of course) and barbeques! As the Watermelon Festival draws near, we’re bringing you a handy little hack guide to be the best-prepared Watermelon Festival goer you can be! Take notes! And also,... read more

Learn Why Alamo’s Weather is Great for Your Business

There are many things to take into consideration before starting a small business. Is the idea good enough? Is it profitable? Can the market sustain the business? The one thing most entrepreneurs don’t take into account is, strangely, the weather. Winter weather can put a chill on profits and your bottom line. There’s a perfect... read more

Celebrate National Small Business Week by Shopping Local

If you’re a regular reader of our blogs, you’ll notice that we constantly champion one topic - small business success. It’s our goal to foster an environment that empowers small businesses and entrepreneurs. This week is National Small Business Week, and we’re going to highlight why it’s important to shop local. Fine out how the... read more

The Beer Garden Survival Guide

The 4th Annual Watermelon Festival to be held on May 21st will be a huge event for Alamo. Watermelon contests, musical acts, vendors, kiddie rides at the event will ensure that you will have a great time. But there’s another area of the festival that festivalgoers are anxiously awaiting - the beer garden! Discover the... read more

Watermelon Festival Welcomes Small Businesses

Do you think you have what it takes to compete against the best watermelon seed spitters from the Rio Grande Valley? If so, join us in Alamo for the 4th Annual Watermelon Festival on Saturday, May 21st. Vendors, games, activities and the cool-crisp taste of watermelon have all become synonymous with the popular festival, and... read more

Why You Should Buy Land and Bring Your Business to Alamo

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners come from humble beginnings. The basement, dorm room, or garage were all typical locations where some of the most successful businesses started. Eventually after launching a business and after some successful market testing, most must move their operations to an office, purchase a vacant lot or buy a commercial... read more

Remember the Date for Alamo’s BBQ Cook-Off Contest!

The 4th Annual Watermelon Festival is quickly approaching and Alamo residents are gearing up for a big fiesta on Saturday, May 21st. The festivities will be located at Central Park between Business 83 and 7th Street. While the big attractions will be the activities, games, live acts and the watermelon contest, barbeque aficionados will have... read more

A Few Steps to Help Your Small Business Succeed

Large Fortune 500 companies have the luxury of big advertising and marketing budgets. Several thousand dollars are sometimes pocket change in a regular monthly marketing budget. Yet, for small businesses and entrepreneurs in Alamo, every single penny counts and any money you pour into marketing needs to make an immediate impact on your return on... read more

The Valley is Growing and Alamo Will Reap the Benefits

It’s a great time to be living in the Rio Grande Valley! The four-county region is growing steadily as a slew of new projects descend on the area. From retail projects to higher education institutions, the region will soon be booming with new businesses and opportunities for employment, entertainment and education. About $700 million in... read more

Alamo Events and Programs

Alamo is constantly finding ways to engage the community in business, charity work and economic initiatives. Getting involved in the community is a large part of how the EDC operates. Here are a few of the events and developmental programs going on to make Alamo a bigger and better city. Autism Walk The Alamo EDC... read more

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