Valley hosts “ICSC Texas Alliance for P3 Retail Program”

The Alamo EDC participated in a landmark gathering this past February as retail industry experts gathered to discuss the future of Rio Grande Valley retail. The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) and the Rio South Texas Economic Council (RSTEC) hosted the first “ICSC Texas Alliance for P3 Retail Program” on February 25th at TSTC... read more

Alamo’s Flea Market: A Fun Attraction for Out-of-Towners

Alamo has a wonderful blend of Texan and Mexican cultures, and there is no better place to experience the combination than the Alamo Flea Market. Because of Alamo’s proximity to the Mexican border, visitors can enjoy traditional street tacos and dance to the sounds of conjunto music, all while purchasing a new pair of cowboy... read more

Alamo Has the Best of Both Worlds

Are you a small town lover or do you crave the big city life? Why not have both? Alamo is a mid-sized town offering the best of both worlds. With a population of over 18,000, the city is just outside the metropolitan area of McAllen and the home of the peaceful Santa Ana National Wildlife... read more

Why Alamo is the Perfect Place for Retirees

The Rio Grande Valley remains a major destination for Winter Texans. This onslaught of newcomers causes a major boost in Alamo’s economy, helping to bring more jobs to residents and profits to businesses. Winter Texans have spent as much as $800 million in one season living in the Rio Grande Valley, according to a report... read more

Bird Species Surely to be Spotted at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge

Trees and marshy lands at the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge provide the perfect sanctuary for migratory birds from across the world. World-class photographers and bird researchers often flock to the sanctuary to spot migratory birds and research their habitats. However, birding isn’t just for veterans who can spot a Northern Shoveler from 100 feet... read more

When the Skies Are Clear, the Birds Glide at Santa Ana

Now is the perfect time to go birdwatching. The weather is warming up but the famous South Texas heat hasn’t hit yet and rain is not in the forecast. The Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge is the premier location in the Rio Grande Valley to check out nature at its finest. Better Weather According to... read more

Why Birding Season Lasts Winter Long in Alamo

As cooler months approach, temperatures decrease and foliage changes, but winter's arrival does not have to indicate the end of birding season. The Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge is a birding sanctuary even during the winter months. It has everything birds need to survive and all animals residing within are not interfered with, allowing them... read more

Your Home Away From Home

Each winter, tens of thousands of retired travelers flock to South Texas for a tropical escape from the harsh temperatures of the Northern United States and Canada. Dubbed “Winter Texans”, these visitors collectively enjoy what the Rio Grande Valley has to offer, including sparkling beaches, a vibrant local culture and thousands of acres of birdwatching... read more

Locally Owned, Nationally Needed: Fresh Tex Produce in Alamo

Quality products make their way in and out of the City of Alamo almost every day and very few residents even notice. Fresh Tex Produce, LLC is a locally owned produce distribution company that supplies wholesalers all over the country and Canada with fresh produce. Nationwide Essential Fresh Tex Produce is a distribution company for... read more

Angels in Alamo: New Heavenly Exhibit at Alamo Museum

On Thursday, December 17, the City of Alamo opened its new Angel Galleria at the Alamo Museum to the public. The host of angels were a donation by Shirl Pfeiffer who has been collecting angel figures for as long as she can remember. The 80-year-old donated a good portion of her collection as 1,500 angel... read more

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