Helping Your Business Grow in Alamo with Our Rural Business Development Grant!

The City of Alamo wants to do what it can to help promote economic development, and one way it does this is with the help of the Alamo EDC. The EDC can help by assisting potential business owners with programs, loans and grants. One of the grants that we invite all entrepreneurs to submit a request for is the Rural Business Development Grant.

What is the Rural Business Development Grant?

A few things to know about the Rural Business Development Grant:

  • It helps small and growing businesses that are privately-owned and/or nonprofits located in rural areas to start or expand.
  • It combines former Rural Business Enterprise Grants and Rural Business Opportunity Grant programs and was created from the 2014 Farm Bill.
  • People who can apply are public bodies, government entities, nonprofit entities and federally-recognized tribes.
  • It can be used to acquire or develop land, buildings, plants and equipment. You can also use this grant to improve roads, parking areas and water and waste disposal facilities.
  • The grant can be used to provide job training.
  • Is awarded on a competitive basis.

Alamo EDC calculator

The Revolving Loan Program

Another way that the Alamo EDC can help aspiring entrepreneurs is with the Revolving Loan Program. This model helps encourage business growth by:

  • Assisting startups and small businesses with a low-cost financial option.
  • Applicants eligible for this program are public bodies, nonprofit corporations and Native American Tribes.

Let’s do Business!

The Revolving Loan Program is available in cities with less than a 50,000-sized population, making it perfect for Alamo, a location where you’ll get a hometown feel with big city opportunities. Instead of establishing your company in McAllen, build it in a place where you can be free of the hustle and bustle of a big city. Contact the Alamo EDC today to get started.


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