Why the City of Alamo is the Number One Destination for Winter Texans

RV trailers in the city of Alamo

Every year thousands Winter Texans spend the winters in the Rio Grande Valley. What exactly is a Winter Texan? A Winter Texan is someone who migrates from Northern States or even Canada to endure a warm winter rather than a cold one. The city of Alamo welcomes everyone to enjoy the holidays in our area. We want to share five reasons why the city of Alamo is perfect for Winter Texans each year. 

Over 10+ RV Parks to Choose From

There are a number of parks to choose from and all have friendly and neighborly residents in each and every one. Winter Texans can cozy up to any of our ten parks.

Plenty of Real Estate for Sale in the City of Alamo

The city of Alamo, continues to find itself in the epicenter of commercial and community growth. Our small city has limitless potential and finds itself only getting bigger and better. Winter Texans can never be bored of the variety of activities available, including our ecotourism initiatives.

Delicious Tex-Mex Foods

We have a variety of Tex-Mex Foods and restaurants to try. Explore delicious flavors with your taste buds with a mixture of Texas and Mexican spice blends. Get full-body flavored dishes you can’t get anywhere else in the world that’s quite like it than in our very own city of Alamo.

Night-Life and Fun

Enjoy our many venues, bars, eateries, and food parks open late that keep the party going until the morning. Whether you want to take that special someone dancing or listen to live music.

two women hugging in the city of Alamo

City of Alamo Welcomes Winter Texans with Open Arms

We love our Winter Texans. This insurgence of people helps bring new funds into our small cities economy and reallocates it into its growth and directs it towards important issues like road restructuring, city parks, and schools. Expect new things every season in the city of Alamo. 

Our Businesses Appreciate You

The influx of funds that Winter Texans bring, help aid growth in our city and financially aids our local mom and pop shops. Small businesses could not make it without the love and support our citizens and our more nomadic seasonal citizens bring. With your help we prepare for vast expansion in time, and more entrepreneurs purchasing land for sale in Alamo.

Stay Tuned for Updates on the Latest Events

Residents in the City of Alamo can expect to enjoy fun festivities, including: 

  • Hidalgo’s Festival of Lights
  • McAllen Parade Toy Drive
  • 13th Annual Lighting of the Tree on Main Street

Expect our lights in Central Park to be lit up after Thanksgiving. Make sure to visit our beautiful light display and submit your photos! 

Why Call the City of Alamo Home?

Our deep roots and culture give a sense of belonging to this community and city. If you want a homely and safe place to raise a family around loved ones that you can trust, this is the town. There is nowhere else like the “Land of Two Summers”.

Alamo EDC is Here for You

Our corporation was built to help our citizens flourish and make this city bigger and better than it already is. Find growth in our beautiful city and discover first-hand the culture and belonging this community has to offer. For questions or concerns feel free to contact us.


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