Why You Should Consider Taking Advantage of a Franchise Opportunity in the City of Alamo!

Starting a business from scratch can be an uphill battle, and without direction or guidance, your young company’s chances of surviving can be low. However, if you have a business model, then you already have a better chance of succeeding. The great news is that, with franchising, a business model can be created for you!

The Pros of Franchising

Franchising has many pros that include:

  • Name recognition
  • A licensed trademark
  • A proven business system
  • Training and support
  • A lower failure rate
  • Lower costs for materials and supplies provided by the parent company
  • Possible financing options from the parent company
  • Knowing past success rates for a better market outlook

How the Alamo EDC Can Help

At the Alamo EDC, our mission is to help our city grow by offering small businesses and entrepreneurs with:

The Micro-Loan Program – a self-sustaining project that, with the help of the USDA Rural Development Program, helps local businesses and entrepreneurs. The repaid loan and interest are then reused for other local projects.

The Revolving Loan Program – a low-interest option for local entrepreneurs.

Ask Us About Our Franchising Opportunities in Alamo!

Here at the Alamo EDC, we know that starting any type of business is tough, but we’re here to help. Whether it’s through any of our programs or by other means, we’re ready to help you get started. Contact our EDC today to learn more about our franchising or other commercial opportunities!


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