Start Your Business in South Texas Today with the Help of an EDC!

Starting a business can seem like an unfeasible task. Where do you turn for help with paperwork? Where do you start looking for locations? Believe it or not, in South Texas, starting a business can be easier than you think. There are many options for would-be entrepreneurs and small business owners to receive assistance with loans, paperwork and any question they might have. A terrific first place to start is with your local EDC.

Looking for a loan that will assist with getting starting or property costs for your business? Click here to contact the Alamo EDC today!

What Are They?

Economic development corporations (EDCs) are usually non-profits dedicated to assisting new and established businesses to grow and succeed. Each state and many local governments have these agencies to focus on long-term growth for the region. EDCs differ from chambers of commerce that promote the interests of businesses in a particular geographical area. Generally, state EDCs work with local EDCs by offering low interest loans, grants, tax credits and incentives to attract businesses.

The Alamo EDC

We promote and can provide new business opportunities that foster the growth of our community. Through tailored programs created and managed with the sole purpose of fostering economic development, we can assist the city by drawing in private and public investments. In order to help your business build a strong foundation in our city, the Alamo EDC has a number of incentives that can help:

  • Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones (TIRZ)
  • The USDA-Rural Development: Intermediary Relending Program (IRP)
  • The Local Business Retention Program
  • The USDA-Rural Development: Rural Business Enterprise Grant (RBEG)
  • Grants to new and existing businesses

More Assistance for You

We understand that having an assortment of programs and incentives is necessary for commercial success. That’s why we partner with organizations across the Rio Grande Valley to better serve you:

  • PeopleFund – PeopleFund’s financial and educational assistance efforts have helped thousands of peoples’ dreams of owning a business come true. Some of their resources include small business and non-profit lending, online learning opportunities, business planning, finance, marketing, legal aspects and much more. They even have tailored programs such as PeopleVet and PeopleSpring to help your business get the boost it needs.
  • LiftFund – LiftFund provides credit and services to small businesses and entrepreneurs lacking access to loans from commercial sources. It assists your business with various financial templates and business plans and presents several seminars during the year.
  • UTRGV’s Small Business Development Center – UTRGV’s Small Business Development Center provides business training with management and technical assistance seminars to strengthen business performance and sustainability. Ranging from pre-business planning to marketing, bookkeeping, accounting and management, these seminars are designed for new and existing small business owners and managers to acquire information that they may need to make their company’s ventures successful.

Doing Business in South Texas

With so much success in South Texas, other cities can benefit and contribute in their own ways. Cities like Alamo contribute with major ecotourism thanks to the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge and many locally-owned businesses. Only minutes away from McAllen, Edinburg and Pharr, Alamo has a $500 million retail potential and over 400 acres available for warehousing and distribution.

Let’s Get Your Business Started

If you’re looking to start your business in South Texas, call us at 956.787.6622. We’ll assist you with any questions regarding loans, locations and anything else you might need.


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