How Locating Just Minutes from McAllen Can Help Your Business Succeed

Business Can Succeed

When looking for a location in South Texas for your business, large cities like McAllen and Edinburg will most likely be considered. With a fast-paced level of activity, countless competitors and high prices, sometimes doing business in a large city isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. In South Texas, with the McAllen, Edinburg and Mission areas in close proximity to each other, it allows for businesses to get the best of both worlds when they locate to nearby areas.

Find out how the Alamo EDC can help build a lasting foundation for your business!

A Commercial Spotlight

In McAllen, if you’re opening a franchise, it’s likely that you won’t be the first to do so. On every corner are a Starbucks, McDonald’s and name-brand store. Your franchise may not gain the recognition it deserves. By locating away from McAllen, your chances of being a heavy-hitting competitor are significantly higher.

Small Towns Roll Out the Red Carpet

Many new businesses often look for assistance with training, tax workshops and locating in a larger city. Businesses can often find muffled individual and personal service. Some companies find that small towns like Alamo will roll out their red carpets for businesses quicker and with more effort than larger cities. They also offer workshops, training and other services that can benefit your growing venture.

Loyal Customers

With bigger cities come more options, and more options can result in more competitors. Since larger cities have more options and competition, it’s harder to grow a loyal consumer base. By choosing Alamo, you can build a strong and loyal following that will benefit you due to word-of-mouth praise quicker and more efficiently. These loyal customers will allow your business to grow and get the word out to adjacent cities.

Finding the Right City

Finding a location other than McAllen, Edinburg or Mission isn’t hard. In fact, each city has contributed to the region as a whole, making it the fifth largest metropolitan area in Texas. Adjacent cities like Alamo have opportunities for your business to thrive. It’s essential to look at what fits your commercial needs. Look into the city’s workforce population, commercial real estate opportunities and available incentives.

An Advantage in Alamo

Alamo has been welcoming new businesses year after year. Growing from a small town into a mid-sized city that now hosts H-E-B, Walmart, a number of eateries and other big name franchises has proven this. Only minutes away from McAllen, Edinburg and Mission, Alamo attracts visitors with festivals, a beautiful retirement community and the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge. The city also attracts a number of international visitors from gateway cities like Nuevo Progreso and Tamaulipas. Plus, international trading and commerce increase when Winter Texans arrive.

Helpful Incentives

By working with businesses and creating tailored incentives, the Alamo EDC can help your new company find the prime real estate that suits its needs. For more information or help to get your business growing or relocated in Alamo, call 956.787.6622.


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