We Hope to See You at the SBDC SmartStart Seminars Through the end of 2016!


Looking to market your brilliant idea? Interested in starting your own business? The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley’s Small Business Development Center will be holding a FREE SmartStart orientation session for aspiring business owners at the Harlingen Area Chamber of Commerce on August 23rd from 2:00 to 4:00 PM. This event continues on Tuesday, September 6th and the 20th, Tuesday, October 4th and the 18th, Tuesday, November 8th and the 22nd, and Tuesday, December 6th.

Alamo is quickly becoming a frontrunner for business development in South Texas! Contact the Alamo EDC for local business initiatives and other resources!

Learn About the Necessary Steps to Start Your Business

This seminar will provide the information and steps necessary for a smart start. Not only will you gain valuable tips, you can also benefit from a one-to-one, business advisement session for ongoing assistance.

These seminars will highlight:

  • Brainstorming your business ideas
  • Targeting potential customers
  • Reviewing your financial position
  • Developing goals and plans of action

There is absolutely no cost to attend, but pre-registration is required. To register, you can click here or call 956.423.5440.

About the UTRGV Small Business Development Center

UTRGV’s SBDC collaborates with the U.S. Small Business Administration and public and private partners throughout Deep South Texas to provide a wide array of management and technical assistance to business owners and entrepreneurs.

Business advisement is conducted by professional advisors who evaluate an existing business’s operations or a startup company’s business plan. By working closely with clients in developing business plans or loan proposals, businesses are able to strengthen their performance and sustainability.

UTRGV SBDC also provides business training to meet the community’s needs with numerous seminars on business-related topics throughout the year. Ranging from pre-business planning to marketing, bookkeeping, accounting and management, these seminars are designed for new and existing small business owners and managers to acquire information that they might need to make their business ventures more successful.

For more information about the UTRGV SBDC, call 956.665.7535 or send an email at sbdc@utrgv.edu.

Next Steps

With constant job growth, a low cost of living and international trade easily accessible nearby, the McAllen-Edinburg-Mission metropolitan statistical area has grown into a population of over 842,304 residents, surpassing El Paso, Killeen-Temple and Beaumont-Port Arthur. This now makes the Rio Grande Valley the fifth largest MSA in Texas reported by the U.S. Census Bureau.

While McAllen, Edinburg and Mission become submerged in harsh competition and overcrowding, Alamo has become a breakout city that has been attracting numerous businesses, including corporations and new, local companies.

Find Success in Alamo

The city offers several business benefits, like tax incentives and exclusive access to a diverse market of 2.5 million people. With Alamo’s central location and proximity to the international border, the business potential is tremendous. There are over 100,000 people with a retail demand potential of over $500 million within a 10-minute radius!

The city also hosts thousands of tourists who take advantage of the area’s tropical climate, birding and wildlife attractions and nearby world-class shopping and entertainment venues. With businesses continually profiting from low operating costs, our tax incentives and no state income tax, it is no surprise that Alamo’s been home to many successful businesses that have been in operation for 20, 30, and in one case, 75 years! The reason the city has found success is because of our supportive network of business organization professionals who partner with the city. It’s the same reason that your business can also find success here!

Working Together

If your business is forming a foundation, don’t forget to attend UTRGV’s SBDC FREE orientation seminar to strengthen your business sustainability. With great, one-on-one counseling sessions, these can prove to be important to your future.

In collaboration with UTRGV SBDC, the Alamo EDC wants to provide businesses with all of the resources they need to succeed. With a business-friendly climate, Alamo is the perfect location for yours. Whether you are a startup looking for the perfect location or a business looking for expansion, contact with us today to see how working together can lead to great things!


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