The Growing City of Alamo Welcomes Two New Businesses!

All across the Rio Grande Valley, businesses are opening and expanding. With so much growth, Alamo has also been gaining traction with new and thriving business openings. These diverse businesses are setting their sights on our city because of the success in the retail market and the many consumers doing business with companies in the industry. Two new businesses, Mundo Snacks/Productos Mexicanos Del Rancho and South Texas Paint are now calling the City of Alamo home. The city and the Alamo Economic Development Corporation (EDC) want to not only welcome them, but also showcase how investing in the area can pave the way to success for any business.

With a $500 million retail potential, starting a business in Alamo can lead it to success. Ask us to find out how!

Mundo Snacks/Productos Mexicanos Del Rancho

mundosnacksSnacks in South Texas are unlike those anywhere else in the world. Using infusions of flavors from across the border, Mundo Snacks is a company working hard to distribute delectable products all over the United States. Apart from Mundo Snacks’ distribution efforts, Productos Mexicanos Del Rancho isn’t limited to just snacks, but also items needed to make iconic Mexican dishes like chilies and cream and Mexican-flavored elotes.

With its headquarters in Brownsville, Mundo Snacks/Productos Mexicanos Del Rancho is dedicated to continuously offer the services and products that allowed it a second location. Mundo Snacks is located on the corner of N. 6 ½ Street and Eastbound Frontage. They can be reached online or at 956.525.7277.

South Texas Paint

texas-paintAre you looking for paint supplies for your next project? South Texas Paint in Alamo has everything you need for your next painting venture with unbeatable prices. With various brushes, rollers, sealers, primers, thinners, ladders, tapes and residential and commercial paint, this company has everything you need. South Texas Paint is located at 1012 E. Frontage and can be reached at 956.685.1971.

Methods of Success

Businesses in Alamo find success through a young, bilingual and skilled workforce. They can enjoy endless economic opportunities and an abundant amount of resources to help them out. These methods allow our small and large businesses to have a wide range of resources to make operations easier:

Successful Businesses Reflect a Successful City

Over 400 available acres on Interstate 2/U.S. 83 with an average of 119,480 daily travelers makes success come easy for potential businesses in Alamo. This allows the city to continuously grow and maintain its potential in making it a part of the fastest growing metropolitan statistical areas in Texas. Alamo’s unique region has ranked third nationwide in job growth since the 2008 recession, making businesses aware of the many advantages and opportunities waiting them.

Be Part of a Thriving City!

Alamo has many opportunities for businesses and manufactures in search of a perfect location in the Rio Grande Valley. From incentives that the Alamo EDC offers, like the Revolving Loan Program and TIRZ, to numerous workshops across the Valley, Alamo can be your foundation for success. Call us at 956.787.6622 or contact us online!


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