City of Alamo Partners with STC to Bring College Home


The City of Alamo is dedicated to forging young minds into the workforce of tomorrow. Exceptional education is a central tenant of the city’s plans. As such, we have developed new programs to give our students a head start before college.

In a partnership with South Texas College (STC), the City of Alamo has developed a program that makes enrolling in summer college courses easier for all students. Together with STC, PSJA ISD has turned the PSJA Early College High School into a satellite campus of the local college, allowing students to attend courses at their leisure.

College Close to Home

Courses are free of charge and are offered on a first come, first served basis. They will also be administered over the course of two summer sessions. Registration is open from July 8th to August 6th and is available to all Alamo students.

What sets the program apart from other dual enrollment college programs is that courses will be offered in a centralized location that is convenient for the students of Alamo. Rather than require students to attend classes being held at separate campuses or STC’s campus, it allows them to take their courses close to home, saving time and resources.

Over 50 PSJA teachers, 20 STC instructors and several other district administrators and police officers will be on hand to run the campus, which has been designed to simulate the college experience.

Looking Forward

Students will be allowed to register for up to two courses from 80 classes and 40 sections with an emphasis on courses in English, Math and Science. The registration process is also designed to mimic the college registration process.

Making it easier for students to get a leg up before heading to college has been paramount in advancing the City of Alamo. With better education, the future workforce of the city will improve and bring innovation to city businesses. The City of Alamo continues to look toward the future, and that includes big investments in our students.


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