Alamo’s McDonald’s Undergoing Remodeling for Continuous Success


For over five years, Alamo has hosted a franchise from the world’s largest chain of fast food restaurants. Serving countless customers daily, the McDonald’s in Alamo has been filling the bellies of residents with great-tasting food. Our local restaurant knew that investing in Alamo could only mean success, but not without understanding that there comes a time to re-strategize and refresh the business to better connect with the community. That’s why our McDonald’s is now updating its look to entice current customers and attract new ones.

Businesses understand that investing in Alamo means investing in success. Contact the Alamo EDC to find out how we can help.

Business Evolution

With constant growth in Alamo and more competition coming in, McDonald’s decided to update their look with a more modern appearance. With work in progress, people around town are already buzzing and wondering what the finished product will look like. This buzz helps McDonald’s and other companies keep their customers intrigued. Since 1940, McDonald’s has transformed its small, box-like restaurant appearance into the modern designs seen today.

This evolution is essential for success. Through updates, logo changes and marketing campaigns, every business knows that it needs to reflect popular trends to remain relevant. This shows the ability to change and survive, but other factors help drive success as well.


Location plays a significant role in how businesses large and small find success. Businesses need to find a demand for their product. With so much growth in the Rio Grande Valley, places like Alamo are expanding and finding new ways to generate revenue.

Smaller cities don’t automatically mean a lack of interest from the community. Small cities provide easier community outreach opportunities and a sense of belonging that may be difficult to secure in larger cities.

Alamo, for example, is minutes from larger cities like McAllen and Edinburg. Businesses are able to provide family nights and community fundraisers on a much larger scale. It’s through this sense of community that Alamo has grown into a popular destination for Winter Texans while attracting new residents each year.

All About Alamo

Although Alamo may seem small, the city has an abundance of local attractions such as:

  • Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge
  • Alamo Museum
  • Central Park
  • Watermelon Festival
  • Alamo Fall Festival
  • Christmas Parade and Lighting of the Tree
  • Alamo Sports Complex
  • Municipal Pool
  • Alaniz Park
  • Various Community Events
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Lions Park
  • Robert Balli, Sr. Park

When it comes to the community, we know how to support the people. This supportive hand also extends to the very businesses that help make Alamo successful.

The Alamo EDC

The city provides business owners an even greater chance of success through the Alamo EDC. We are committed to fostering a supportive economic environment that empowers what your business needs to grow and succeed. That’s why we’ve not only adopted a business empowerment initiative, but also provide and assist with various local incentives:

Let’s Talk Business

Alamo is the best location for businesses of all types and sizes. Whether you’re looking to expand or invest, we have the tools, community and outreach efforts to get you started on a successful endeavor. Contact us today and see what we can do for you. Call 956.787.6622 or email us.



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