Why Alamo is the Perfect Place for Retirees


The Rio Grande Valley remains a major destination for Winter Texans. This onslaught of newcomers causes a major boost in Alamo’s economy, helping to bring more jobs to residents and profits to businesses. Winter Texans have spent as much as $800 million in one season living in the Rio Grande Valley, according to a report from the University of Texas-Pan American’s Business Research Center.

While many continue to return to Alamo once those northern trees begin changing color, some are choosing to stay past the start of spring. In fact, some are beginning to make Alamo their new home. Sure, the city’s low cost of living makes it a great place to spend retirement, but it also offers a lot to those seeking adventure, culture and sunshine.

Sunny Skies

Say goodbye to harsh winters and say hello to year-round sunshine. The Rio Grande Valley isn’t known as the “Land of Two Summers” for nothing. Alamo’s warm climate allows for comfortable living all year long. The high temperatures benefit residents who need a break from frosty winds. According to Texas Sweet Citrus Marketing, a nonprofit corporation that promotes Texas citrus, about 27,000 acres of citrus is grown in the Rio Grande Valley, accounting for 7% of the nation’s grapefruit crop.

A Birder’s Paradise

Spend your retirement hiking the serene trails of the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, the city’s biggest attraction. Alamo’s weather makes the refuge a great home for more than 400 species of migratory birds and 450 plant species. Catch a glimpse of the endangered ocelot, which can be found in the most southern tip of Texas. The refuge is also home to half of all butterfly species in North America.

Near the Border and the Gulf

The best part of retirement is all the time you’ll have to kick off those snow boots and dive into the Gulf of Mexico’s warm waters. Located just an hour and 15 minutes away is beautiful South Padre Island. Parasailing, horseback riding and deep sea fishing are all a part of life near the gulf.

Alamo’s close proximity to Mexico makes for a multicultural experience as well. Residents in Alamo experience authentic Mexican food, music and customs that celebrate the unique Mexican-American culture in the region. Just take a day trip across the Rio Grande River to Nuevo Progreso for the full Mexican experience. The city is considered a safe haven for northerners.

Call Alamo Your New Home

If you are thinking of making Alamo your new home, contact the Alamo Economic Development Corporation for more information about what the city has to offer. With so many attractions, it offers the comfort, adventure and quality of life retirees are looking for.


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