Alamo Business Spotlight: Forum Exchange

Alamo Business Spotlight: Forum Exchange

801 E. Austin Avenue 

(956) 530-9421

Open Tuesday through Saturday from 12:00 PM until 5:00 PM

In the City of Alamo’s downtown district, you’ll find a blend of country décor with modern home furnishings at Forum Exchange. This shop was founded by Priscilla Cepeda and Mannie Cuellar in August of 2019 and offers a variety of new and vintage items for your home and workplace. 

It all began in 2017 when the Cuellars decided to fulfill their dream of opening a business that combined their two passions: home decorating and interior design. Priscilla explained their reason for opening in Alamo. 

“We opened in Alamo because this is my hometown. I’m from Alamo, and I went to school in Alamo, so it felt like the natural thing to do was to open a business here.”

Like many small businesses, 2020 brought unforeseen obstacles Forum Exchange never imagined. Priscilla admits, “We had to close for a period, but we were able to overcome that.” 

The business overcame the challenges of the pandemic by introducing curbside service and their website,, to showcase their inventory online. 

Alamo Lends Businesses a Helping Hand 

Opening a business can bring unexpected challenges, but Priscilla explained how their business received help from the city and offers encouragement to other aspiring business owners. 

“If you want to open a business, I would say go for it. Alamo is a great city with a small-town feel and having that support has been really nice.”

Follow Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

Follow Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

At the Alamo EDC, we always try to help businesses in any way we can. With loan programs and prime commercial properties for sale in Alamo, we have the tools to help. Economic development near McAllen is on the rise, and it’s time to open your business in Alamo. Contact us today to get started. 

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