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Each winter, tens of thousands of retired travelers flock to South Texas for a tropical escape from the harsh temperatures of the Northern United States and Canada. Dubbed “Winter Texans”, these visitors collectively enjoy what the Rio Grande Valley has to offer, including sparkling beaches, a vibrant local culture and thousands of acres of birdwatching and wildlife opportunities.

Just for You

Here in the “Land of Two Summers”, Winter Texans are able to get away from the freezing North cold and enjoy the near-daily sunshine and cool temperatures of South Texas. Wintering in Texas has, in fact, been growing in popularity since the 1950s.

The Rio Grande Valley recognizes how important Winter Texans are to the region, so the Valley often caters events specifically to the Winter Texan community. One prime example is the annual Winter Texan Expo. The City of McAllen hosts the Expo to offer different amenities and perks to the Winter Texans of the Rio Grande Valley. Alamo was recently at the 23rd Annual Winter Texan Expo where city officials showed off all we have to offer our senior residents.

Always Something to Do

Alamo is home to the 2,088-acre Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, which houses over 400 species of birds and half of the butterfly species found in North America. The destination is perfect for Winter Texans to explore nature and catch glimpses of rare birds or butterflies. In addition to nature trails and birdwatching, Winter Texans can also enjoy the many shopping options the city offers, from large outlet malls to smaller specialty boutiques.

When it comes to settling down for the season, there are close to 10 RV and mobile home resorts to choose from in Alamo alone. Winter Texans can easily forget about the freezing temperatures up north while enjoying the amenities available at most resorts, including recreation halls, libraries, game rooms, Internet access, shuffleboard and tennis courts, swimming pools, hot tubs, billiards rooms and exercise rooms.

From Snowbird to Winter Texan

Alamo is a popular destination for Winter Texans seeking to enjoy warmer climates and experience growing cultural and ecotourism attractions, which make for an excellent business climate. To learn more about what the city can offer you as a Winter Texan, contact the Alamo Economic Development Corporation at 956.787.6622.


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