Why Birding Season Lasts Winter Long in Alamo

Elder Couple at the Woods

As cooler months approach, temperatures decrease and foliage changes, but winter’s arrival does not have to indicate the end of birding season. The Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge is a birding sanctuary even during the winter months. It has everything birds need to survive and all animals residing within are not interfered with, allowing them to prosper on their own.

Accessible Food and Water

Accessible meals greatly increase bird traffic as proper nourishment helps birds survive the harsh conditions winter can bring. Food that is plentiful will most definitely catch their eye. Leaf litter can be beneficial as insects hiding under leaves can pose as food.

Once birds begin visiting, other birds will notice and follow suit as can be seen at the heart of the Wildlife Refuge. A good source of fresh, clean water can be difficult to find with dropping temperatures, but the refuge has plenty of bodies of water for birds to live off of.


Shelter during frigid months is important for birds to survive. Birding hotspots attract many with natural shelters made of conifers, evergreens or brush piles blocking the cold wind. Many bird populations at the Refuge do this, which attracts higher populations loved by birding enthusiasts.

Just Like Alamo

The City of Alamo’s Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge has numerous species of birds, making it the birding capital of South Texas. Visit the Refuge during the winter to catch a glimpse of dozens of rare species not seen elsewhere in Texas. Get in touch to learn more about what the Refuge has to offer, including hours open to the public and special events.


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