Welcome Another Popular Business to Alamo, Happy Pocket Thrift Shop!


Businesses are always looking to expand. A great international marketplace with distinctive consumers, a growing economy and near McAllen, Edinburg and Mission, Alamo is attracting countless businesses looking for more land, a niche clientele and stronger retail potential. One business that has found a second location in Alamo is the newly opened Happy Pocket Thrift Shop!

Alamo is a frontrunner in ecotourism through the preservation of important animal life and participation in greener initiatives. Contact us for more information.

Happy Pocket

Downtown McAllen is a haven for thrift stores. The industry is popular in today’s culture and has found a very diverse market in the Rio Grande Valley. With prices increasing at name brand stores, Happy Pocket strives to create a chic style that you can find at large retailers while remaining affordable.

“Happy Pocket seeks to offer clients excellent second-hand clothes at affordable prices. Unlike other thrift stores, we help clients look their best,” said Sergio Pérez, CEO and founder of Happy Pocket.

After the 2008 recession, Happy Pocket opened its first location in Mission and has now expanded to a second on Duranta Ave. in Alamo. The biggest difference between this shop and other thrift stores is that Happy Pocket displays second-hand clothing in a positive and fashionable light.

“When entering Happy Pocket, we wanted to eliminate that negative stigma that might surround thrift store shopping. We wanted our clients to feel comfortable and happy.”

This company is also doing its part in helping the environment.

“When we lengthen the life of a garment for just 3 months, you help reduce your ecological footprint, carbon emissions and waste water by 5 to 10%. We want our clients to know that it isn’t about getting a great deal on stylish clothes, it’s also doing your part for the environment!”

Investing in the Environment

Happy Pocket’s mission reflects the Alamo EDC’s: attract and retain business while increasing jobs, the community’s development and self-sufficiency by supporting measures like the use of solar panels, infrastructure upgrades and park improvements.

The Alamo EDC understands that preserving the natural state of our region can go a long way to protecting the environment. With this preservation, the Alamo EDC is also the frontrunner in ecotourism.

Welcoming New Businesses

The Alamo EDC is focused on bringing new businesses to the city that strengthen its economy. By doing our part through greener developments, the Alamo EDC is happy to share and welcome Happy Pocket’s vision for a better future. For more information on how the Alamo EDC can help you, contact us.


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