Touchstone Communities®: A Skilled Nursing Facility Coming to Alamo

Headquartered in San Antonio, Touchstone Communities® is a Texas-based provider of rehabilitation and nursing care. Recently, the company expanded its facilities to the Rio Grande Valley, impacting the lives of those seeking a higher standard of healthcare services for
long-term rehabilitation, behavioral, memory and respite care.
The first Mid-Valley nursing and rehabilitation facility opened in Mercedes and has provided care for as many as 123 residents.

Measuring48,500 sq. ft. and employing 120 full-time staff members, the facility has positively impacted visitors and residents alike.

Now, Touchstone Communities® is expanding its presence in the Valley with another skilled nursing facility scheduled to open in Alamo in 2018. The facility will encompass 120 to 130 beds and

50,000+ sq. ft. of space that offers skilled nursing, long-term care, rehabilitation, memory care, behavioral care and respite care.

About Touchstone Communities

Touchstone Communities® delivers skilled nursing, long-term care and rehabilitation services in a compassionate environment. As a

family-oriented and family-owned business, their passion lies with breaking the negative stigma surrounding nursing homes.

Using a new community concept, Touchstone offers elders a fulfilling quality of life by supporting their autonomy, dignity and choice in an inviting and intimate atmosphere. With spacious family rooms and round-the-clock access to food, daily activities and attentive care, Touchstone has transformed lives all across Texas for the better.


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