The Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge: A Summer Adventure Waiting to Happen in Alamo!

Summer has arrived and it’s time to start adventuring! Rather than spending all season indoors, make a bucket list with all sorts of mini-adventures. You can start with one attraction in Alamo that’s popular and family-friendly! The Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge includes birdwatching, hiking trails and so much more! Read on to learn more about it!


The Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge was first established by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect migratory birds. It has since become one of the world’s top birding destinations that brings people in from all over the globe. The refuge has become a necessary habitat for birds from the Central and Mississippi flyways that funnel through on their way to and from South and Central America. Home to over 400 bird species, 450 species of plants and nearly half of all butterfly species found in North America, this location is known as the jewel of the “National Wildlife Refuge System”.

Popular Attractions at the Refuge

Some of the attractions at the refuge include a tree top tower, bird walks, guided nature walks, class visits and open-air tram tours. The visitor center at the entrance provides all types of information to map out your journey. Within 2,088 acres of land that make up the refuge, you won’t have trouble finding the perfect backdrop for photoshoots, one of them being Spanish moss draping low from trees. There are also about 14 miles of trails that can be trekked by visitors and birdwatchers. A popular photo-worthy attraction is the tower overlook and canopy walk, both of which are connected by a rope bridge.

Species You Might Encounter

Housing wildlife not found anywhere beyond South Texas is what makes the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge so special. Butterflies such as Julia, Zebra longwing and Mexican bluewing are just a few of over 300 species found here. This is also a popular locale for the golden-winged warbler, magnolia warbler and the palm warbler.

Other species of wildlife include ocelots, bobcats and Mexican free-tailed bats. Aside from being home to all of these different animals, the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge is also known for its diverse plant selection. Some that you can find at the refuge include prickly pear cacti and Sabal palms.

Visit Today

A visit to the Santa Ana National Wildlife refuge is a great journey to take during the summer. The kids are sure to love it and, as a tourist attraction, the refuge’s popularity helps to keep Alamo’s economy healthy. If you’d like more information about what the Alamo EDC does or how it can help small businesses succeed, then contact us today!


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