Texas on Tour Sales Blitz

The City of Alamo Makes Headway in Ontario, Canada

The tip of Texas has always been a favorite spot for Winter Texans, so the City of Alamo decided to shine a spotlight on the region, enticing new visitors to the area. As a result, the City of Alamo formed the Winter Texan Committee to develop a marketing plan to promote Alamo along, its hotels and RV resorts as a destination choice for Winter Texans.

While Canada continues as the second largest international source of visitor arrivals in Texas, the Governor’s office organized the Sales Blitz to Ontario. A sales blitz is not just a one-time activity to generate leads; it is the start of an ongoing process where catering, the GM and staff continue building valuable relationships with businesses within the local community. Alamo participated in the sales blitz from November 8th to November 13th.

12 Agencies and 44 Agents Visited

Alamo, Texas Team and Travel Professionals

Marketing Consultant Alma Puente Colleli and Dale Maynard Wells from Alamo Country Club represented the City of Alamo and met with 12 travel agencies and 44 agents in Barrie, Cambridge, Hamilton, London, Kitchener, Niagara on the Lake, St. Catherine’s and Thorold, Ontario.

“Alamo was presented as a long-term stay ‘sun destination’ that’s affordable and offers a warm, friendly environment with many nature tourism options including our own Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge,” said City Manager Luciano Ozuna.

Alamo produced a marketing video and is starting an advertising campaign along with participation at tradeshows.

Mayor Diana Martinez said “Alamo’s location is central to the Rio Grande Valley and Winter Texans and visitors in general can stay in Alamo and see it all. We want to ensure our Winter Texans have a great experience in town and return for many years to come.”

Endless Possibilities

By participating in the sales blitz, Alamo ensures that there will be more visitors to the city and the region. Borders will dissolve as Canadians make their way down to the Rio Grande Valley to enjoy the weather, culture and all that the region has to offer. The local economy and businesses will only prosper from a move such as this.


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