Taste an Award-Winning Michelada in Alamo!

Some cities have similar eateries on every corner while others house unique restaurants not normally found in other areas. Cities like Austin are known for having quirky restaurants that separate themselves from others in the state, but you don’t have to travel over four hours for a glimpse of one-of-a-kind places to eat.

From Tower Burger to the Original Willie’s Bar-B-Q, there are places to eat that will have you visiting Alamo every day. There’s one unique place that takes the title of “Best Michelada” and serves up such delectable sweets that it’s taken South Texas by storm!

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La Michelada Drive-Thru

Opened in 2013, La Michelada Drive-Thru has been serving some of the best-tasting flavor combinations that push the limits of imagination while staying true to the popular tastes of South Texas. You can often find long lines of cars waiting for some of their delicious recipes, or if you’re lucky enough, you can even win a treat on their Facebook page. Come and visit them at 1144 N. Tower Rd.

The Best of the Best

The newly opened H-E-B Park hosted the inaugural Michelada Festival on March 26th. Various vendors, including drive thrus, restaurants and individuals from across the Valley, competed for the title of Best Michelada along and a $500 prize. More than 300 visitors participated. The winner was none other than La Michelada Drive Thru in Alamo!

All About Alamo

Alamo is known for its unique restaurants, drive thrus and small shops the likes of which aren’t found in McAllen or Edinburg. The city also has a booming retail economy that has allowed local businesses to thrive. It’s also part of the fifth largest metropolitan statistical area in Texas with over 400 available acres on Interstate 2/U.S. 83 available for commercial use.

Alamo is also home to the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, the crown jewel of the National Wildlife Refuge System. As the most popular and best-known wildlife refuge in the Valley, it contributes over $300 million annually to Alamo’s economy and the rest of the lower Rio Grande Valley through its ecotourism efforts.

Alamo has a small town feel but hosts some of the largest events in the region. Home to the only Watermelon Festival in the Rio Grande Valley, the city hosts other events throughout the year that attract thousands of people and businesses.

How the Alamo EDC Helps

The Alamo EDC also assists entrepreneurs and small business owners through various grants and incentives. Programs are created and managed with the sole purpose of fostering economic development through new jobs and drawing both private and public investments. Some available incentives include:

  • USDA-Rural Development: Intermediary Relending Program (IRP)
  • USDA-Rural Development: Rural Business Enterprise Grant (RBEG)
  • The Local Business Retention Program
  • Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones (TIRZ)

Many businesses in the city have benefited by working with the Alamo EDC.

The Best Micheladas in South Texas

Alamo is home to great things, but this isn’t the first time it’s been put on the map. The Original Willie’s Bar-B-Q was also recognized by Texas Monthly as one of the “Best BBQ Joints in the World”! Come and visit what all of the fuss is about and find out how your business can be a part of the success by contacting us!


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