Strategically Locating Your Business in South Texas

carlsjrRetail is booming in South Texas, attracting newer and bigger developments across the Rio Grande Valley. Just last year, retail sales for the region reached $11.8 billion and are expected to reach $25 billion by 2030. The Valley as a whole has also been ranked as the fifth largest metropolitan statistical area in Texas, surpassing El Paso, Killeen-Temple and Beaumont.
This region ranks third nationwide in job growth since the recession and has the lowest cost of living in the country. With a population of over 1 million, the region will undeniably grow further thanks to future developments, population growth and retail opportunities.

Located at the heart of the Rio Grande Valley, Alamo has prime locations for distributors. Contact the Alamo EDC to learn more about local incentives and how we can help you achieve success.

Multiple Routes to International Trading

Global shipping and distribution trends make the Rio Grande Valley an ideal location because of its distance to markets and available routes to international trading hubs. Over nine ports of entry are available in the area. Along with land ports, businesses also have four prime public and commercial airports, four seaports and railroad accessibility.

Having direct access is beneficial to both sides of the border, easing distribution and costs, and increasing a diverse labor force to accommodate your business or distribution company. With some of Mexico’s largest cities near the Valley, businesses have a supplementary market encompassing 1.7 million people across Mexico.


Education statistics report that 21.9% of Valley residents have some college education, 13.5% hold a Bachelor’s Degree, 6.6% hold an associate degree and 5.8% hold a graduate degree. These numbers will likely increase as more higher education opportunities and technical trade schools become abundant. With the median age of residents being 29 years combined with promising education opportunities, the Rio Grande Valley will soon be made up of a stronger and skilled workforce ideal for businesses.

All About Alamo

Each city in the region contributes to these growing endeavors, including Alamo. The city has many profitable and ideal advantages for distributors and businesses looking for opportunity in the region.

Local Incentives

Apart from assisting with the city’s growth, the Alamo Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is always looking to help distributors and businesses with great incentives:

  • Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones – With areas specifically created by the Alamo City Council, a Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) brings new investment opportunities to the city. 400 acres dedicated to the TIRZ allows for the promotion of the development of a defined area, including infrastructure, façade programs, landscaping, street-scaping or other public enhancements. This allows for more businesses and the city to prosper, creating appeal and adding to the economy.
  • Revolving Loan Program – This program is designed to assist small businesses and start-ups by providing a low-cost, alternative financing option for commercial activities such as renovations, repairs, construction, equipment purchases and real estate.

Prime Properties

With a 119,480 daily traffic count along two and a half miles of expressway in Alamo, businesses can greatly benefit from this activity. The retail demand in Alamo is expected to exceed $500 million, making these properties ready for any business or distribution center. You can see all available listings here.

Other Successful Businesses

Alamo is known for other successful businesses such as Walmart, HEB, Goodwill Industries International Inc., Walgreens, Wingstop, CVS Pharmacy, Subway and McDonald’s. There are also other local businesses in Alamo that have become popular in the region, including The Original Willie B’s Bar-B-Q, El Dorado, El Manjar Bakery, Willie’s Sweets and Tower Burger. Together with the Alamo EDC, your company can have many advantages through real estate and initiatives. Contact us today to get started on your success at 956.787.6622.


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