Why You Should be Spending Your Winter in South Texas!

While many will be picking ice of off their windshields or clearing snow from driveways, Texans will be relaxing underneath a blissful sun. While there’s been snow in areas like Dallas and Austin, true “snowbirds”, or Winter Texans, know that the best place to relax from harsh winter months is in the Rio Grande Valley.

South Texas welcomes thousands of Winter Texans between the end of October and March every year. Being a major destination for Winter Texans has also given the Valley a major economic boosts each season, with $710 million being spent in one season alone according to a 2013-2014 report from the University of Texas Pan-American Business Research Center. Let’s go over a few reasons why South Texas is a great winter destination.

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Why the RGV?

The RGV is a vibrant place that has something for everyone. Visitors often find different restaurants, hidden gems and great entertainment venues that include outdoor trails and park concerts. Here’s what each major city in the region offers.


Leading the way in retail, dining and entertainment, McAllen is the largest city in Hidalgo County. It has a Dave and Buster’s, Bubba’s 33, the La Plaza Mall, the International Museum of Art & Science (IMAS) and more!


Edinburg lies just north of McAllen. With a population of over 80,000, the city has brought the first ever United Soccer League to the RGV. Edinburg is also home to the Shoppes at Rio Grande Valley and is scheduled to bring a new entertainment venue complete with bowling, dining, theatre rooms and more.


Pharr offers a diverse experience for shoppers in the Valley with many retailers, including World Market, buybuy Baby and Jo-Ann’s Fabric Shop. The city recently announced that a Topgolf venue will be constructed as well. The 55,000-sq. ft. venue will begin construction in late 2017 for a late 2018 opening.

An Emerging City

The City of Alamo is a prospering city that attracts visitors from all over the world while still maintaining a small-town feel. Minutes away from McAllen, Edinburg and Pharr, Alamo is home to small businesses, major chains, quaint places to retire and is at the epicenter of nature tourism.

Enticing Winter Texans

No need to curl up in blankets or strap on your snow boots! Here in the RGV, the weather is beautiful almost year-around. One of the best places to enjoy the day is at the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge. Known as the Jewel of the National Wildlife Refuge System, Santa Ana spans a remarkable size of 2,088 acres of land.

It’s home to over 400 species of birds and half of all butterfly species found in North America. Nearly 165,000 visitors come from all over the world each year to marvel at the refuge’s beauty. While 99,000 visitors come specifically for birdwatching, they also have a broad range of activities to choose from, including hiking, kayaking, tours and guided nature walks.

Alamo is also home to several unique restaurants that have enticed thousands of residents and visitors. From barbecue and burgers to award-winning micheladas and exceptional coffee, Alamo has some unforgettable restaurants!

A Variety of Choices to Stay

With numerous mobile home and RV campsites, Alamo has been one of the most popular places in South Texas to stay for the winter. Choose from a long list of beautiful and full facility parks:

  • Alamo Palms Mobile Home Park
  • Alamo Paradise Acres
  • Alamo Rec-Veh Park
  • Bibleville Conference Grounds
  • Casa del Valle
  • Alamo Country Club
  • Trophy Gardens RV Resort
  • Alamo Rose MH & RV Park
  • Winter Ranch

Always Alamo

Whether you’re looking to reside, open a business or enjoy your winter, Alamo is your answer. Stay up-to-date with all things Alamo, from upcoming events to business opportunities, by following the city and the Alamo EDC on Facebook.


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