When the Skies Are Clear, the Birds Glide at Santa Ana


Now is the perfect time to go birdwatching. The weather is warming up but the famous South Texas heat hasn’t hit yet and rain is not in the forecast. The Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge is the premier location in the Rio Grande Valley to check out nature at its finest.

Better Weather

According to Birdlife Magazine, the best times to seek out birds are in the morning. They tend to be more active and call out often. It is also best to go during calm days when there isn’t much of a breeze. Fortunately, these conditions are common in South Texas. Mornings, on average, are not windy and stay in the mid-60s. Also, morning sunlight is ideal for photography. Capturing vibrant-colored feathers will be easier during this period.

Dress Appropriately

With highs in the 80s, a birdwatcher is less likely to wear noisy clothing. Plus, birds stay active until temperatures rise and get really hot. Another recommendation is to take your time. This climate is perfect for walking outdoors and not being rushed by the sun will keep you seeing the beauty nature has to offer.

Stop by Today

The Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge is home to over 400 species of birds. Located at the heart of the Rio Grande Valley, Alamo has so much to offer and it only takes a little effort to go out and find these treasures. For more information about the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge or learn how to do business in Alamo, get in touch with us.


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