Putting Alamo EDC on the Map: The Texas Conference and Deal Making Endeavor

V__5073The City of Alamo embarked on a landmark endeavor last week. For quite possibly the first time, the city’s presence was known at a statewide event held by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC).

V__7ACDThe ICSC holds an annual conference in Texas every year known as the Texas Conference and Deal Making. Deal making events such as these are great opportunities for owners, developers, retailers, brokers, lenders, municipalities, property asset managers and product and service providers to gather under one roof to exhibit, make deals and form successful business partnerships.

The conference was held on Wednesday, November 4, 2015 to Friday, November 6, 2015 in Dallas, Texas and over 200 businesses and cities were in attendance. The Alamo Economic Development Corporation (EDC) had a foothold at this conference thanks to Board Vice President Danny Leal.

Cop by Day, Vice President by Night

V__A14ELeal attended the conference in Dallas on behalf of the Alamo EDC and in doing so, the City of Alamo was recognized statewide by other businesses and developers.

Leal is not only vice president on the Alamo EDC board, but is also a lieutenant with the Pharr Police Department. Leal worked his way up from police officer, to sergeant, to detective until finally becoming a lieutenant, indicating the police force is indeed his passion. Another passion of his, however, is the City of Alamo’s growth.

Nowhere to Go But Up

V__3DCEThe conference is a way for businesses to showcase themselves and receive statewide recognition. Leal was Alamo EDC’s voice that week and showed other patrons what Alamo is made of. The Texas Conference and Deal Making was a success and those who didn’t know Alamo’s name will hopefully know so now.


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  1. I find that this is often one of the hardest thigns to get business owners to understand that outsourcing isn’t a failure of sorts. Many business owners hold so tightly to all their processes that they find it’s almost impossible to let go. Once they realize the many doors that open for them when they give this away and make time for the thigns they actually went into business to do, their world changes drastically for the better. Thanks for the post it’s nice to see the benefits pulled together in one place!

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