Pedestrian Safety Improvements Are Coming to Alamo

Exciting news and big improvements are coming to the City of Alamo! PSJA ISD and the Tri-City areas of Pharr, San Juan and Alamo have partnered for a regional project to improve pedestrian safety. More than $2 million in funding has been awarded to the project. The Hidalgo County Metropolitan Planning Organization recently awarded $1.577 million to the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP), which includes on and off-road pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Local project partners have additionally contributed $700,000, totaling $2.286 million for the effort.

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Impacting Students

With over 32,000 students attending PSJA ISD, a large percentage walks to and from their neighborhoods to school. The U.S. Department of Transportation reported that there are around 4,500 pedestrians killed from motor vehicle accidents in the United States each year. Roadways without sidewalks are more than twice as likely to witness pedestrian crashes.

One of the largest concerns for the Tri-City area was the lack of adequate sidewalks. The pedestrian safety project will construct 27,784 square feet of sidewalk spaces that will connect cities, schools, neighborhoods, public parks and businesses through extensions and closing gaps.

An Advantage for Residents and Businesses

Walkable communities bring big advantages for residents. Providing an alternate mode of transportation can increase the number of trips made by walking and is one of the easiest ways for people to get their recommended daily exercise amounts!

Adding sidewalks will also pave the way to a safer community and allow businesses to get a refined and friendly look. Paved walkways will allow the walking community to discover your business at their leisure, thereby increasing the chances of consumers noticing you. This benefits the consumer, your business and the region’s economy. In fact, the presence of sidewalks can increase property values and promote tourism!

More Advantages for Businesses

The Tri-City area is a heavy contender in economic growth and quality of life. With Pharr expanding tremendously with new retail stores, San Juan developing a cluster of high-end luxury car dealerships and Alamo being recognized as a “Playful City USA” destination for the seventh time, the Tri-City area has assisted the Rio Grande Valley in becoming the fifth largest metropolitan statistical area in Texas.

Businesses can take advantage of our growing region with the help of the Alamo EDC. Alamo is the Birding Capital of South Texas and is quickly becoming one of the most vibrant cities in South Texas. With opportunities to expand or relocate, businesses can enjoy a robust economy, low living costs and a skilled and bilingual workforce. We encourage and support comprehensive approaches that emphasize local initiatives, private sector opportunities and self- sufficiency. For more information about how your business can benefit from these community improvements, or for more information about our amazing city, contact the Alamo EDC at 956.787.6622.


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