Once Again, Texas Ranks First as the Best State to Start a Business!

Once Again, Texas Ranks First as the Best State to Start a Business!

One of the reasons a business fails is due to location. Deciding where a company plants its roots can be crucial to its success. Providing a business-friendly environment with skilled workers, affordable commercial properties, and access to building materials is possible in Texas. According to financial website WalletHub.com, Texas was named the best state to start a business for the second time in the last three years!

Determining Who’s Number One

WalletHub.com’s ranking was based on the growth of small businesses, startups per capita, business revenues, and industry variety. The following categories played a role and the number beside each is where Texas ranks in the study:

  • Business environment – 2nd
  • Access to resources – 12th
  • Business costs – 32nd
  • Highest total spending on incentives as a percentage of gross domestic product – 4th
  • Longest average workweek – 4th

Opening a Business in Alamo

Deciding where to start your company shouldn’t be complicated. The City of Alamo works with several organizations, and the loan programs of Alamo help businesses start in or relocate to our community.

The Revolving Loan Program features low-interest loans and six months of deferment to help your company grow. Plus, Alamo is only 10 minutes from booming economic development near McAllen.

There are plenty of commercial properties for sale in Alamo that see over 143,000 cars worth of traffic per day! Imagine how many customers you can be getting! Contact us to find out how we can get your business started!


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