Why You Should Buy Land and Bring Your Business to Alamo

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners come from humble beginnings. The basement, dorm room, or garage were all typical locations where some of the most successful businesses started. Eventually after launching a business and after some successful market testing, most must move their operations to an office, purchase a vacant lot or buy a commercial... read more

Remember the Date for Alamo’s BBQ Cook-Off Contest!

The 4th Annual Watermelon Festival is quickly approaching and Alamo residents are gearing up for a big fiesta on Saturday, May 21st. The festivities will be located at Central Park between Business 83 and 7th Street. While the big attractions will be the activities, games, live acts and the watermelon contest, barbeque aficionados will have... read more

A Few Steps to Help Your Small Business Succeed

Large Fortune 500 companies have the luxury of big advertising and marketing budgets. Several thousand dollars are sometimes pocket change in a regular monthly marketing budget. Yet, for small businesses and entrepreneurs in Alamo, every single penny counts and any money you pour into marketing needs to make an immediate impact on your return on... read more

The Valley is Growing and Alamo Will Reap the Benefits

It’s a great time to be living in the Rio Grande Valley! The four-county region is growing steadily as a slew of new projects descend on the area. From retail projects to higher education institutions, the region will soon be booming with new businesses and opportunities for employment, entertainment and education. About $700 million in... read more

Alamo Events and Programs

Alamo is constantly finding ways to engage the community in business, charity work and economic initiatives. Getting involved in the community is a large part of how the EDC operates. Here are a few of the events and developmental programs going on to make Alamo a bigger and better city. Autism Walk The Alamo EDC... read more

Alamo’s Festivals Offer Fun for the Whole Family!

The great part about living in South Texas is the year-round warm and breezy weather; it’s the perfect setting for outdoor festivals. This is something Alamo takes advantage of! From Christmas to Halloween, Alamo has its own share of colorful celebrations for the whole family. If you’re new to the region, the Alamo Economic Development... read more

David Lee Garza to Headline Watermelon Festival

Alamo will be hosting the 4th Annual Watermelon Festival on Saturday, May 21st at Central Park, located between Business 83 and 7th Street. It will be held between 2:00 PM and 10:30 PM. This year’s festival will feature games, activities and watermelon for the whole family. Tejano artist David Lee Garza, along with country artists... read more

4 Things to See at the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge

Spring is here and summer will soon follow, which means it’s time to take advantage of the Rio Grande Valley’s warm climate. Remember, you don’t have to travel far to take in beautiful South Texas landscapes. A short drive to southern Alamo will lead you to the beautiful Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge. For the... read more

Veterans and Nature Parks Headed to Alamo

Two new projects are in the works for the City of Alamo in 2016. Both the Veterans Memorial Park and the Alamo Nature Park are slated for construction later this year, the Alamo Economic Development Corporation announced this week. “I think they are going to be a great asset to the communities,” said Melisa Gonzalez,... read more

Alamo EDC Invites Small Business Owners to Special Workshop

The Alamo EDC will be hosting a special small business workshop from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM on Wednesday, March 30th at Alamo City Hall. The workshop will cater to local Alamo businesses and start-ups and will focus on discussing the Alamo Revolving Loan Fund Program and Texas Rural Communities (TRC) and how they can... read more

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