Locally Owned, Nationally Needed: Fresh Tex Produce in Alamo


Quality products make their way in and out of the City of Alamo almost every day and very few residents even notice. Fresh Tex Produce, LLC is a locally owned produce distribution company that supplies wholesalers all over the country and Canada with fresh produce.

Nationwide Essential

Fresh Tex Produce is a distribution company for growers in Mexico; the company packs and/or re-packs produce at their location and then ships products all over the United States and some parts of Canada. More distribution than wholesale, Fresh Tex supplies delicious Mexican produce to companies like Kroger, Whole Foods and Walmart.

Although they do ship to companies in Texas, Fresh Tex owner and CEO Kenny Alford says 95% of their business is out of state.

“The main cities we ship to in Texas are Houston and Dallas, but we ship nationwide to states like California and Oregon. But we mainly ship to the east coast,” said Alford.

No surprise there since the east coast isn’t familiar with Mexican produce as much as the Rio Grande Valley. The company brings in products like limes, papayas, mangos, honeydew melons, broccoli and cucumbers.


Room to Grow

Initially a much smaller establishment, Fresh Tex Produce has grown in the 17 years it’s been in business. The distribution company began with less than 10 employees and now has 45 at its bay.  The company also adds to its warehouse every few years, increasing revenue.

“We want to expand the business and keep growing at the pace we’ve been growing at,” said Alford. “We originally started with two or three loads a day from Mexico and now we’re at 45 loads.”

Alford went on to say he hopes to maintain the quality relationship with Mexico they’ve always had, which can only help in the expansion of this local produce favorite.

A Booming Business

A local company that will only continue to grow, Fresh Tex Produce will carry on working with growers and be a staple of Alamo for years to come. For more information on this booming business, visit their website here.


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