Learn Why Alamo’s Weather is Great for Your Business

sunny-dayThere are many things to take into consideration before starting a small business. Is the idea good enough? Is it profitable? Can the market sustain the business? The one thing most entrepreneurs don’t take into account is, strangely, the weather.

Winter weather can put a chill on profits and your bottom line. There’s a perfect reason why the City of Alamo is called the “Land of Two Summers”. This is great for businesses wanting to open up here. Perfect weather is perfect for business!

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The Land of Two Summers

Why is the City of Alamo called the “Land of Two Summers”? Well, most of it stems from Winter Texans, also known as “snow birds”, who migrate to the Rio Grande Valley, namely Alamo, from northern states. These northern citizens have been coming here winter after winter, generation after generation, for the Valley’s consistently mild climate. Instead of chilly air, the lower Rio Grande Valley’s winds are of orange blossoms in November, while palm trees adorn the highways all year long. Alamo is always a getaway from home.

A Good Season All Year Round

From an entrepreneurial point of view, weather can have a certain effect on profits. Most small businesses up north usually have to contend with patterns of “good season/bad season” throughout the year. In the Rio Grande Valley, businesses don’t have to constantly worry about weathering the storm or season.

In Alamo, for example, temperatures stay at a consistent annual average of 73.3 degrees Fahrenheit with an annual rainfall average of 23.4 inches. It’s almost always sunny and pleasant in Alamo. Below are some of the reasons you’ll live as a stress-free business owner.

Predictable Customers

Any successful business owner will tell you that figuring out customer behavior is the key for success. While that Business 101 motto is truthful, there are also cold winter months when peoples’ spending habits make a shift. Businesses have to adjust their marketing message and spend a considerable amount of income on research to predict how weather will impact sales. This helps them meet the demand of consumers with flexible products.

The Rio Grande Valley doesn’t have freezing winter months; we have a “mild winter”. If you’re considering starting a business in Alamo, forget about spending hard-earned profits on extensive market research. Here, a subtropical climate lasts most of the year.

Weather-Friendly Products and Produce

Some products definitely become more expensive as weather conditions worsen. Since the Rio Grande Valley is a hub of tourism and retail, you can sleep comfortably knowing that a deep freeze more than likely won’t demolish your crops should you decide to sow seeds in Alamo. Not surprisingly, the Valley has a very scarce history with winter weather.

Oil can also have an effect on consumers and business owners alike, yet living in Alamo puts you right in the middle of the metropolitan area of McAllen, Edinburg and Mission. Harlingen and Brownsville are about 30-60 miles out and South Padre Island is about an hour and fifteen-minute drive. Importing and exporting has very little effect on your gas tank. Everything is relatively close by.

A Warmer Season Helps Employee Retention

If you turn on the television, you’ll probably find a politician running for president talking about unemployment. While most of it does have to do with the economy, weather also plays a crucial role. How much does weather effect employment? Quite significantly.

Layoffs typically happen during winter months as a result of slowing job growth. The highs and lows of the seasons up north usually mean businesses have to increase worker counts at certain times and decrease them in others. This lowers worker loyalty towards the company, resulting in employees seeking work elsewhere. A consistent temperature of 75 degrees means a consistent workforce.

Winter Rarely Comes

While we would never recommend underestimating the power of Mother Nature, property damage caused by weather plays a different tune here. Winter storms are usually a major concern for businesses. A business should always be prepared for such hazardous weather, but if you’re looking for winter-storm free areas to start your entrepreneurial venture, you should have Alamo at the top of your list.

Weather and Tourism

Not only is Alamo at the heart of the Rio Grande Valley, the city also finds itself right in the center of the South Texas tourism industry. During Black Friday and throughout the year, millions of international customers from Monterrey, Mexico and elsewhere travel to the Valley for shopping and recreation.

Pilgrims and Bird Watchers

The Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle is another huge attraction for pilgrims that travel here year-round. Right around the corner is Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge where thousands of butterfly and birdwatchers flock from around the world.

Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge houses close to 400 different bird species and is home to over half of the United States butterfly species population. 300 butterfly species have been documented while over 65 have been witnessed in a single day! Alamo is also home to a distinct mix of thriving small businesses, such as the Alamo flea market, one the Valley’s largest.

Pleasant Weather, Pleasant Business

The tourism economy is vibrant and never sleeps in Alamo. Besides the great weather, you’ll be part of a thriving commercial center right at the heart of the Rio Grande Valley. We have great workshops and community events to help entrepreneurs and small and large businesses get the most out of the community. If you’re interested in any of the initiatives we offer, call us at 956.787.6622 for more ways to become part of this thriving community.


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