How Our Incentives Helped These 4 Businesses Succeed in Alamo

There are 28.8 million small businesses in the United States and they all account for 99.7% of overall commercial entities in the country. Cities like Alamo are well aware of the important contribution that they make. That’s why the city and the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) work with local businesses on startup costs, expanding, relocating and property purchasing. Here are four businesses that the EDC has helped.

Our Revolving Loan Fund Program can help your business get set up, relocate or expand in Alamo! Find out more by contacting us.

The Original Willie’s Bar-B-Q

When visiting the Rio Grande Valley, there is no greater place for authentic delicious

barbeque than at The Original Willie’s Bar-B-Q. Known for their delicious, mouth-watering dishes,Willie’s was recognized by Texas Monthly as being one of “The 50 Best BBQ Joints in the World.” With such popularity, Willie’s needed to expand its dinning space and parking area. We were able to assist through our Revolving Loan Program which contributed with renovation and expansion costs, allowing Willie’s to match the demand for their delicious food.

I Kids Academy

Early education for children is crucial for their growth and development. I Kids Academy needed a safe location to provide an early learning experiences specific to each child’s developmental stage, fostering opportunities for them to grow, learn and explore. With a dream and business plan, I Kids Academy was approved for a loan through The Revolving Loan Fund Program. It transformed an old warehouse into a playful and functioning space for classrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen and an area for kids to learn and play.

Aaron’s Income Tax Services

Every year, millions file their taxes, and many need help to do it properly. Aaron’s Income Tax Services takes the guesswork out of your tax troubles and helps you get the most out of your return. In order to better serve their clients, Aaron’s renovated an old building as a suitable location for its operations. Through the Revolving Loan Fund Program, the company purchased the property and transformed it into a professional office catering to residents and visitors needing help with tax preparations.

Soleil Rehab Services

Although countless rehab services are available in the Rio Grande Valley, many are at an inconvenient distance. Soleil Rehab Services wanted to bring quality and professional therapy services to Alamo where countless patients wouldn’t have to worry about traveling far and wide to seek treatment.

With help from the UTPA Business Development and Innovation Group, Soleil Rehab Services developed a solid business plan that qualified them for the USDA Small Business Loan through us. With it, the company covered startup costs and grew into a full speech, physical and occupational therapy service provider with a main lobby, clinical office, two speech therapy treatment rooms, a physical therapy room and one handicapped-accessible restroom.

Assisting Your Business in Alamo

We provide a variety of incentives to qualifying businesses looking to locate just minutes away from Misson, McAllen and Edinburg while still being available to a high number of consumers. Alamo has a retail demand potential of over $500 million and the city’s daily traffic count on Interstate 2/U.S. 83 averages 119,480. In 2015, retail sales for the metropolitan statistical area were $11.8 billion and were projected to reach $25 billion in 2030. For more information about the EDC and its incentives, contact us today!


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