Getting You Ready for Summer with the Watermelon Festival

watermelon fest
Since winter has whisked past us and we’re well into spring, the Rio Grande Valley is getting ready for the summer with plenty of water, raspas and delicious fruit. The best way to help you prepare for summer is by attending Alamo’s Annual Watermelon Festival on May 13th from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM at Alamo Central Park! It’s free for everyone! Come and see for yourself what thousands have been raving about.

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What to Expect

Packed with a great musical lineup, food and much more, this year’s festival has to be one of the largest yet. If it’s your first time attending the festival, then here are some of the events that you can expect:

  • Watermelon Eating Contests – Love watermelon? Try to finish one as fast as you can!
  • Seed Spitting Competition – See who can spit their watermelon seeds the furthest! Fun and messy, it’s no simple feat!
  • Barbeque Cook-Off – Teams compete to cook the best barbeque. The winner receives $6,000.
  • Beer Garden – Adults can enjoy their favorite adult beverages.
  • Food Vendors – Bringing in more food vendors this year, visitors will have a range of treats – from funnel cakes to snacks – to enjoy while listening to music or watching the festivities.
  • Kiddie Rides – Kids will have their own fun with a variety of rides throughout the festival.
  • Arts & Crafts – Stations will also be set up with activities for children.
  • Music – The lineup includes the Christopher Marshall Band, Jimmy Gonzalez, Los Garcia Brothers, Whiskey D. and Los Palominos.

For information about the festival and BBQ Cook-off, click here or call the Alamo Parks and Recreation Department at 956.787.6699.

How it Started

Alamo has always had a huge agricultural presence. The city wanted to capture the essence of its history, so it created the Watermelon Festival. It’s grown significantly since 2013 with thousands attending each year. It’s one of the most unique festivals in all of the RGV and the city strives to keep it that way.

Join the Fun

With Alamo’s Watermelon Festival growing each year, businesses have taken note of the great atmosphere that has shaped the city. Becoming one of South Texas’ most vibrant areas, it’s the perfect place to do business. There are over 400 acres of commercial real estate waiting for you.

Businesses can enjoy a robust economy, low living costs and a skilled and bilingual workforce. Alamo is also close to several ports of entry and international bridges in the McAllen/Reynosa area, giving businesses an international advantage. For more information about Alamo and how your business can find available incentives, call us at 956.787.6622.



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