Enriching Alamo: A Look at the Alamo Museum

The Alamo Museum started as a concept introduced by several advocates in the community. The city’s rich culture and historic ties have fostered Alamo’s growth, which led to the Museum Start Up Committee’s creation in 2015. That same year, Carol Moering, a committee member, received a donation on behalf of the city, the mayor and Board of Commissioners.

Another member, local fire district historian and former chief Rolando Espinosa, was looking to house his collection of historic Alamo items. The city stepped in and assigned the current Alamo Museum building located at 130 S. 8th St. Everything was renovated to house the city’s historic and unique collections. In July of 2017, the city established a museum department, with Alejandro Oyoque being appointed as curator.

Gallery of Angels

Permanent Exhibit

2,200 angels of all shapes and sizes fill half of the museum. Over a 30-year period, Shirl Pfeiffer and her husband Paul collected angels ranging from standing figures to lamps and candleholders that were either gifted or purchased. The couple donated the collection to the city for display. This donation was the very first exhibit for the Alamo Museum.

Madonna and Child Collection

February 14th – May 14th

The Audrey Stewart Collection encompasses over 100 different pieces of the Madonna and Child work made from a variety of materials collected from all over the world.

Alamo Train Accident

Permanent Exhibit

On March 14th, 1940, a train accident in Alamo made waves throughout the nation as the incident claimed the lives of over 30 people. You can read about how the accident affected the city through scanned copies of headline news from all over the country. Also on display are photographs and actual footage of the accident.

Alamo Fire Department

Permanent Exhibit

This exhibit pays homage to Carrol Shumaker, a pioneer and city historian who wrote the history of Alamo and served on the Alamo Fire Department for 60 years. He collected photographs of the city and the fire department, which are on display alongside artifacts.

The Alamo News

Permanent Exhibit

Established in 1918, The Alamo News was prominent in the community and delivered news to people for decades. Some of the newspapers are on display, allowing visitors to get a glimpse of the city’s past. The majority of issues are in book volumes awaiting to be transferred into digital files.

The Future of the Museum

Although fairly new, the museum has attracted many people from the community and even across the nation as Winter Texans flock to Alamo. The Alamo Museum is dedicated to the growth and preservation of the history that has fostered Alamo’s growth and success. You can visit it from Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.


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