Energy Saving Tips for Alamo Businesses During the Summer


The most important rule about running a business is to make every dollar count. Learning how to save on electricity during the summer will have a positive impact on your bottom line and hard-earned money. The Alamo EDC is dedicated to helping small and established business save while they grow in our community.

The Alamo EDC offers great incentives for businesses to get their foot in the door of opportunity. Find out what we can do for you!

Opportunities Galore

Since summer is here, small businesses are provided with an opportunity to take advantage of the warmer weather, seasonal events, festivals and influx of tourists. There are many creative ways a business can cater to summer products, even if yours doesn’t typically target that demographic. Below are some examples and benefits for businesses in Alamo:

  • Everyone likes free stuff and giveaways are great to reinforce your brand. Remember to use cost-effective products and nothing too expensive, as it isn’t a smart financial move. Giveaways with your company’s brand may encourage repeat business since they’ll equate the product with you. It would also be a good idea to encourage customers to follow your social media efforts in exchange for free merchandise. The Valley provides a great opportunity to tap into summer tourism while promoting your brand.
  • Events and festivals are a great way to tap into tourists and locals during the summer. Never forget to bring promotional materials to hand out, like flyers. Festivals are a great way to directly communicate with consumers and conduct primary research on who they are and what they like.

Staying Cool

When it comes to saving as much money as possible, properly handling your utilities is a no-brainer. The same goes for keeping your location cool for customers since summers in the Valley are excruciatingly hot. There are many ideas that can be put to work at no cost for your energy saving efforts. According to Alamo EDC Special Projects Director Melissa Gonzalez, businesses should keep their thermostats at 77 during the summer.

“It’s best if businesses keep the temperature at 77 degrees without constantly changing it. Change out filters on a monthly basis and unplug unnecessary appliances.”

Below are more ways to save while staying cool during the scorching-hot summer. Remember to keep track of the changes you’re doing monthly, such as light bulb and filter changes.

Use a Thermostat

The best way to regulate the temperature is to use a programmable thermostat (which allows you to adjust the setting) to help you dodge expensive and unnecessary cooling costs. Another thing to consider is locking the thermostat to prevent the air conditioner from changing and using more electricity.

Take Advantage of Shade

If a room has windows susceptible to direct sunlight, expect your central air conditioning system to work overtime. Try closing windows to shade rooms from direct sunlight. According to Gonzalez, shading rooms is one of the best ways to keep an electricity bill down. “Business windows are more efficient during the summer if they are tinted. They help block out the sun, and also make sure to service your A/C unit annually.”

Keep your eye on freight and exterior doors, and keep them closed as much as possible. Leaving doors wide open so costumers can easily walk in does sound enticing, but your energy bill will more than likely skyrocket since your air conditioner will work hard to maintain a constant temperature.

Installing ceiling fans is another way to lower the temperature a few degrees during the summer. Keep an eye out for Energy Star-branded ventilation and cooling units, which save more than 20% compared to older models.

Tune Up

In order for a vehicle to run properly, it must be maintained. The same rule applies to cooling and ventilation systems. Enforce a maintenance schedule and don’t forget pipe insulation. Remember to identify windows that face the sunrise and sunset, and install solar screens and window films.

Find Opportunity in Alamo!

The City of Alamo offers a variety of reasons to come and do business. The warm weather and local attractions, such as the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, which brings over 165,000 nature tourists to the area, are opportunities to keep your business sizzling the entire summer with tourism!

Alamo also hosts over 20,000 Winter Texans and is home to the Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan, which attracts thousands of pilgrims annually. Have we mentioned the popular beach destination South Padre Island? We know you’re interested now. Call us at the Alamo EDC and we’ll tell you all about our Revolving Loan Program and TIRZ service, initiatives aimed to help businesses.


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