City of Alamo Honored with the “Playful City USA” Designation for the Sixth Time


The City of Alamo has been honored with a 2016 “Playful City USA” designation for the sixth time, cementing its place in the KaBOOM! Organization’s list of playful cities across the United States. The national recognition program, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, honors towns and cities across the country for making areas fun and playful for children and the community.

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The Process

Since 2007, the KaBOOM! Organization has given cities the Playful City USA title to those who have shown commitment from city leaders to ensure that children have a fun and safe environment to play and be themselves.

Every year, the Playful City team collects information on locations from around the United States that encourage communities to step outside and play. The date is collected from January 1st to June 30th and gives the organization time to debate the work and services that cities put together for their respective communities.

Spending More Time Outdoors

American children are spending less time outdoors and playing less than previous generations. Since children now have many devices vying for their attention, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc., they engage in less active play.

Obesity rates and behavioral and cognitive disorders are increasing as outdoor activities decrease. Since 2011, the decline of outside play and activities has helped childhood obesity triple its rate over the last 30 years. The decrease in physical activities and emotional engagement have been linked to suicide rates, depression and anxiety in children and young adults. Kids attending schools that lack recess also face a higher chance of classroom behavioral problems as many of them interact less with their classmates and teachers.

According to Special Projects Director Melisa Gonzalez at the Alamo EDC, their goal is to help fight the problems children and younger kids are facing by putting together events and activities that will engage the community. So far, family-friendly activities are getting a positive response.

“The community is really showing a great response to the events we’ve been putting together,” Gonzalez said. “Their enjoyment makes it all worth the effort.”

How the Alamo EDC Helps

Children and young kids have proven to do better in school, perform better in teams and hone their creative thinking skills after taking to the outdoors on occasion. This is why Alamo and the Alamo EDC will keep creating venues, such as the Alamo Nature Park near the Boys & Girls Clubs of Alamo-San Juan, and events to entice youths to perform better in school and become productive members of the community. Alamo has also been creating innovative ways to draw interest from the community to festivals and events such as the Watermelon Festival and Summer Musical Nights.

Gonzalez is ecstatic and proud with the recognition the City of Alamo and Alamo EDC have received from the KaBOOM! Organization. She says that the Alamo EDC is dedicated to creating a space for children and the city’s community to come together and enjoy.

“It feels awesome and incredible to be recognized along with other big metropolitan cities,” Gonzalez said. “It’s a team effort to be able to keep up and be honored with the title for six consecutive years.”

Parks such as the Alamo Nature Park near the Boys & Girls Clubs of Alamo-San Juan can help to undo the unhealthy trends of not getting enough physical activity for children. Parks help motivate the younger generation to learn about the environment they live in.

Preparing Today for Tomorrow’s Future

Throughout the years, the Alamo EDC has made it a priority to put businesses and the community first. We help put together events, festivals and workshops that engage the community while helping small businesses at the same time. Alamo is quickly and steadily becoming one of the most vibrant and business-friendly cities of the Rio Grande Valley as a result.

Alamo offers affordable living and a robust economy, resulting in an environment great for families and businesses alike. The Playful City designation is representative of the community and economy, which keep growing. If you’re interested in growing or expanding your business, call us at 956.787.6622. We have the Revolving Loan Program and Alamo TIRZ Incentive that provide opportunities to help you grow.


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