Celebrating Manufacturing Month in Alamo

manufacturingOctober has been declared Manufacturing Month by Hidalgo County, and the City of Alamo has made its mark as one of the more business-friendly cities in the Rio Grande Valley. In a town known for its businesses, we’ve made a concentrated effort to cater to commerce in the community.

This declaration is part of an effort by the South Texas Manufacturing Association (STMA) meant to change people’s perceptions of the manufacturing industry by highlighting the numerous high-quality employment opportunities it offers. The effort is countywide and will involve several forms of outreach.

The STMA’s Mission

The STMA is aimed at developing a highly skilled workforce and promoting the manufacturing community. In Alamo, we’re proud to have developed a community where businesses can grow. We work hard to help them thrive and produce the best workers. This month may be dedicated to manufacturing, but in Alamo, we’re hard at work everyday.

Why Alamo?

Alamo’s location in the middle of the rapidly-growing Rio Grande Valley and its close economic ties to Mexico has made it a hotbed for growth in the manufacturing industry. This location is perfect for our residents and encourages students to pursue their education in order to make highly skilled members of the future workforce.


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