How Your Business Can Succeed with the Help of the Alamo EDC!

Business Can Succeed

The Rio Grande Valley has experienced immense growth in the residential and commercial sectors. Through numerous events and tourist attractions, this success has been felt throughout the cities of the region. One city that has experienced this firsthand is Alamo. With numerous highly recognized corporations like Walmart, Goodwill, HEB, McDonald’s, Walgreens and CVS making their home alongside locally owned businesses, Alamo has become a great place for commercial success.

If you’re looking to relocate, expand or are in need of prime real estate, then the Alamo EDC has everything you’ll need to succeed!

How We Can Help

The Alamo EDC promotes and provides new business opportunities that foster the growth of our community. Through tailored programs created and managed with the sole purpose of fostering economic development, the Alamo EDC assists the city by drawing private and public investments.

In order to help your business build a strong foundation in our city, the Alamo EDC has a number of incentives that cater to your business:

  • Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones (TIRZ)
  • The USDA-Rural Development: Intermediary Relending Program (IRP)
  • The Local Business Retention Program
  • The USDA-Rural Development: Rural Business Enterprise Grant (RBEG)
  • Grants to New and Existing Businesses

Why Alamo?

Alamo has it all: international trading, prime commercial areas, a strong workforce and a low cost of living. It’s also great for entrepreneurs looking for immediate brand awareness or established businesses looking to make a big impact.

The city’s commercial properties range from 3,000 square feet to 4.9 acres in size. With a retail potential of $500 million within a 10-minute radius, consumer-busy areas like Business 83, Los Alamos Drive, Tower Road and South Alamo Road are prime locations for any business! Combined with a young, bilingual and skilled workforce, we have everything you’ll need to be successful.

Serving as an international gateway to cities like Nuevo Progresso and Tamaulipas, Alamo also provides unique opportunities in international trading and commerce. As one of the fastest growing Metropolitan Statistical Areas in Texas, businesses can thrive in our city.

With tailored programs, the Alamo EDC and the Alamo Chamber of Commerce can provide great opportunities throughout the year to network and expand your business’s customer base. Partnering with other organizations like the Women’s Business Center and Small Business Administration, we can offer new businesses training programs to better assist in areas that might be challenging, such as tax preparation and business strategies.

Contact Us to Get Started!

The Alamo EDC is here to help improve your business outlook and the local commercial environment. Throughout the years, we’ve helped numerous businesses with tailored incentives, loans and grants. For more information about all of the Alamo EDC’s business empowerment initiatives, contact us today!


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