Best Place to Live in Texas: The Ideal Location in the City of Alamo

The City of Alamo is a growing metropolis and centrally located in one of the best places to live in Texas. A study was conducted by NerdWallet, a website specializing in information, insight and consumer-driven advice about finance, and the site has been featured in The New York Times, ABC News, Forbes, The Washington Post and CNBC. The results released in June of 2015 highlighted the best places to live in Texas, several of which were from Hidalgo County.

The Rio Grande Valley’s Success

McAllen, Mission, Pharr and Edinburg all ranked at 17, 20, 30 and 42, respectively. Representing Cameron County, Brownsville also made the list at 28. The study centered on the 50 most populous cities in Texas and focused on four main points when tallying up the scores: crime, housing and demographics, education and walk score.

Using data from NeighborhoodScout, NerdWallet gave each city a crime-risk index, ranging from “most safe” to “least safe” based on the quartile determined by the crime score. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau was consulted when looking at housing and demographics. Homeownership rates, commute time and unemployment rates were used to measure a city’s housing and economic health. Data from was used to assess education, and data from Walk Score was used to measure accessibility by walking to a city’s amenities. Each city was assigned a number up to 100.

Not Far Behind

Each city excelled in its own way, especially McAllen, which scored the highest walking score out of all 50 cities. With Alamo’s progressive growth and promising future, it won’t be long until it is recognized along with its neighboring cities. More and more businesses are opening their doors in Alamo, adding to the city’s economy and providing citizens with more prospects.

With all that Alamo has to offer, new opportunities are flocking to it every day. Its growth is inevitable; will you be a part of it?


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