Eat, Drink and Be Scary: The City of Alamo’s Annual Fall Festival

A waning moon in a dark sky is your only light; glees of delight mixed with screams of terror greet your ear. A ghastly laugh is heard in the distance and the aroma of devilish sweets makes its way to your eager senses. This is what’s to be expected at the City of Alamo’s Annual... read more

Falling for the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge

Fall is here, which means it’s time to bundle up and spend hours outside! Birdwatching does not rest simply because it’s a little chillier; the birds certainly don’t! At our very own Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of that rare bird that prefers to smile for... read more

Celebrating Manufacturing Month in Alamo

October has been declared Manufacturing Month by Hidalgo County, and the City of Alamo has made its mark as one of the more business-friendly cities in the Rio Grande Valley. In a town known for its businesses, we’ve made a concentrated effort to cater to commerce in the community. This declaration is part of an... read more

Texas Tops List of the Best States to Make a Living in 2015

Americans across the nation are always on the hunt for an amazing and plentiful life for their family. This generally means good jobs, a beautiful home and a great place to live. If you’ve been looking for the perfect place for yourself and loved ones,, a personal finance site, may just sway you to... read more

The Importance of Ecotourism

Ecotourism has become a crucial boom for the environment and local economies. Previously unprotected land has quickly been conserved while improving the economies of small cities. In this unprecedented shift, saving the environment is profitable. For a city like Alamo, which boasts some of the most prime birding and wildlife spots in the country, ecotourism... read more

Business Boost: The Benefits of Ecotourism

Ecotourism has been one of the fastest-growing tourism sectors since the 1990s, and why wouldn’t it be? It allows travelers to decrease the negative effects of their visit while dipping into the beauty of local nature and culture. Travelers who jump right into the ideals of ecotourism can additionally help provide many benefits to local... read more

Capturing the Moment: Gear for Birdwatching

Alamo is home to world-class birdwatching, touting some of the more unique species of birds in the region. Birders from across the country flock to Alamo to catch a glimpse of some of our beautiful and rare feathered guests. Birdwatching and nature photography go hand-in-hand, and getting good photos of birds in the wild is... read more

Tips to Make Your Birding Trip a Success

Football, hockey, basketball and baseball are some of the most-watched spectator sports in America, but you’d be surprised to know that birding is not far behind. Although rather unbelievable, birding attracts more spectators hoping to catch a glimpse of a rare bird than the amount of people watching football and hockey combined! Due to its... read more

City of Alamo Partners with STC to Bring College Home

The City of Alamo is dedicated to forging young minds into the workforce of tomorrow. Exceptional education is a central tenant of the city’s plans. As such, we have developed new programs to give our students a head start before college. In a partnership with South Texas College (STC), the City of Alamo has developed... read more

Alamo Begins E-Scrap Initiative

The City of Alamo has partnered with RDA Technologies of Brownsville to expand our recycling capabilities with a new Electronic Waste (E-Scrap) program beginning in August 2015. The program will allow residents to turn in various electronics to the city where they will be safely recycled, providing a safer and cleaner city for all. The... read more

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