The Alamo Nature Park is Almost Complete!

The construction of the Alamo Nature Park is almost complete! The city and the Alamo EDC matched the $400,000 amount awarded by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to fund the park, which will include a walking trail, nature trail, splash pad, T-ball field, playground, picnic tables, sheltered benches, a community garden and two acres of open space.

The park will also preserve the natural habitat of native mesquite trees that attract birds native to the area. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department awarded more than $8 million to fund 25 community parks throughout the state out of 55 proposed projects in 2015. Luciano Ozuna, Jr. said to The Monitor, ”These grants are very competitive because you’re competing against the rest of the state. We are very fortunate.”

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A Positive Impact for the City

Dubbed “the Refuge of the Valley”, Alamo has been on the rise with a fast-growing ecotourism sector. The city has worked to preserve natural regions and protect the Valley’s lush andtropical environment, boosting the area’s economy with sites like the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge.

Parks like the Alamo Nature Park will provide environmental, aesthetic and recreational opportunities for the city’s neighborhoods. Parks are not only known to attract homebuyers, however. Winter Texans and out-of-town retirees looking for a place to settle down can also benefit.

According to research conducted by Texas A&M University, neighborhood parks increase property values by 20%, making them an important part of Alamo’s economic growth. There has been a connection between parks and obesity numbers in the area as well. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), parks within neighborhoods encourage residents to exercise and stay active in sports and extra-curricular activities.

Advancing Alamo

“The City of Alamo and the Alamo EDC have focused on projects that improve the quality of life for the community,” said Rafael Tapia, Alamo EDC Interim Director. The EDC has been working to attract new businesses looking to locate just minutes away from McAllen, Edinburg and Mission. With incentives that can help with startup costs, expansions,relocations and more, the EDC is fundamental in advancing business in the city.

Alamo has a retail demand potential of over $500 million and the city’s daily traffic count on Interstate 2/U.S. 83 averages 119,480. In 2015, retail sales for the metropolitan statistical area reached $11.8 billion and were projected to be as high as $25 billion by 2030. If your business is looking to operate within a city that’s making a positive impact for its residents, then contact the Alamo EDC at 956.787.6622.


3 Responses to “The Alamo Nature Park is Almost Complete!”

  1. Blanca Gernandez

    This is so awesome, was tired of seeing this in other cities that are not close enough to home & be able to go evey morning me. I love nature & am active, so this is perfect. God bless our little town, it has grown so much.
    ?-When is the Nature park at McKeever Elem going to be ready?

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