The Biggest Flea Market in the RGV, Alamo Flea Market is Remodeling!

Flea Market
Who doesn’t love a good deal? In South Texas, residents and visitors can find a variety of deals or novelty items at numerous flea markets across the region. In Alamo, however, there’s one flea market that most residents and visitors will argue is not only the biggest, but one of the best they’ve ever been to.

The Alamo Flea Market attracts hundreds of local and international vendors and customers. With a wonderful blend of Texan and Mexican cultures, you can enjoy an entire day at this market by buying goodies for the family.

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Why Alamo?

Alamo has a wonderful blend of Texan and Mexican cultures, and there is no better place to experience this combination than at the Alamo Flea Market. Because of the city’s proximity to the Mexican border, visitors can enjoy traditional street tacos and dance to the sounds of Conjunto music, all while purchasing a new pair of cowboy boots! The large outdoor market attracts hundreds of vendors and customers from Mexico and the U.S., including Winter Texans.

Food, Music and Goods

Since 1984, the Alamo Flea Market has been a place for local vendors to sell used, new and homemade items. The bazaar features countless booths that offer a variety of affordable items – everything from homemade salsa to used cars. Owned by Valley’s Marketplace LLC, the market also houses the Alamo Dance Hall. Every week, this hall features Mexican musical acts that play traditional Conjunto, Tejano and Norteño music. Stages are also set up throughout the venue at every corner and feature local musicians.

A Winter Texan Favorite

The flea market is adjacent to Alamo Rec Veh Park, a popular recreational vehicle and mobile home park. The community hosts Winter Texans and retirees 55 and older from all over the country each season, offering a convenient private entrance into the flea market.

A Staple of Alamo

For over 30 years, the Alamo Flea Market has attracted out-of-towners far and wide seeking a multi-cultural experience. With Winter Texans spending as much as $800 million in one season in the South Texas region, this eclectic venue remains the place to go for bona-fide Mexican eats and bargain buys that can’t be found anywhere else!


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