Alamo Has the Best of Both Worlds


Are you a small town lover or do you crave the big city life? Why not have both? Alamo is a mid-sized town offering the best of both worlds. With a population of over 18,000, the city is just outside the metropolitan area of McAllen and the home of the peaceful Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge.

Less Pollution

A smaller population usually means bluer skies and less smog. You won’t experience the pollution in larger Texas cities like Houston or Dallas. Cleaner air also makes Alamo the perfect habitat for the 400 bird species at the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge. You won’t be afraid to take a deep breath as you walk through the refuge’s trails or snap pictures of the perfect sunset.

It’s Easy to Get Involved

The best thing about small town events is that there are no lines and no large crowds. Things also move at a slower pace and you’re more likely to know your neighbors and the local folks that show up to participate and volunteer at these events. And if you’re hoping for something a little more populated, you can head over to BorderFest in Hidalgo or the Rio Grande Valley Livestock show in Mercedes.

Shorter Commutes to Work

If you’re in Alamo, you can be in Mexico, the beach or the country in just a hop, skip and jump. Many of the Valley’s various attractions are in close proximity to Alamo. The city also only spans about 7 square miles, which makes commuting a breeze if you’re leaving the city. You won’t have to worry about travelling on major highways or navigating through a flood of traffic to make it to work, which will make the daily grind a little easier and less time-consuming, too.

Choose Alamo

With the flashy nightlife of McAllen just a few miles down the road and the comfort of the nature trails of the Santa Ana National Wildlife refuge nearby, Alamo has a taste of both big city and small town living, which makes it the perfect mid-sized town for those looking for convenience. If you’re interested in making the move to Alamo, or are curious about what it has to offer, give the Alamo EDC a call.


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