7 Places to Visit in the Rio Grande Valley This Summer

The Rio Grande Valley is abundant with its rich history, events and beautiful, natural places to enjoy the great outdoors. From South Padre Island to Mission, there’s something in the Valley for the entire family to enjoy. If you’re ready to explore the area and its wonders, then take a look at these seven places to visit in the summer.

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South Padre Island

Summer isn’t complete in the Valley without a trip (or several) to South Padre Island. With over 30 miles of beautiful beaches, it’s the perfect place for a perfect tan or swim. SPI also has several family activities like horseback riding, kayaking, jet skiing and more. For thrill seekers, SPI now also has skydiving. Summer will always be loads of fun here!

Rio Grande Valley Premium Outlets

Summer isn’t the same without a little shopping! The Rio Grande Valley Premium Outlets in Mercedes feature 140 stores, including Armani Exchange, Burberry, Coach, Columbia Sportswear, Michael Kors, Nike and more. You can find all of your favorite designer brands while saving money. It’s like a dream come true!

Museum of South Texas History

The Museum of South Texas History (MOSTHistory) enriches visitors and residents alike with the history that has made the RGV what it is today. You’ll discover the rich heritage and blended culture that has made this area unlike any other! Travel back in time and see how much the region has evolved.

Gladys Porter Zoo

Located on 31 acres in central Brownsville, Gladys Porter Zoo gives visitors and residents an inside look into the wild. Since 1971, this zoo has been dedicated to the preservation of nature through education, conservation and research. Yearly, an average of 432,000 locals and tourists are mesmerized by an ensemble of 377 animals and 225 species of plants. With many events in the summer, this zoo is the perfect place for exploration.

The International Museum of Art & Science (IMAS)

In McAllen, The International Museum of Art & Science (IMAS) is known for its environment that inspires, educates and entertains the public through various exhibits that focus on arts and sciences. Throughout the year, IMAS puts on several events for the whole family. During the summer, however, they have camps for different age groups and with different themes to keep kids learning while having fun. Not only does IMAS host a number of exhibits, it also has an outdoor learning environment that reflects scientific and environmental concepts specific to the Rio Grande River.

Los Ebanos Ferry

It’s as if time stands still with the Los Ebanos Ferry. Since 1950, this steel ferry has been shuttling cars from the United States into Mexico. If it’s a gorgeous day outside, then take a ride on the last hand-operated ferry on the Rio Grande! Nicknamed “Victoria”, it’s said to be the only government-licensed hand-pulled ferry on any U.S. boundary.

Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge

The Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge in Alamo is a 2,088-acre refuge that houses over 400 species of birds and half the number of butterfly species in North America. Often referred to as the “Jewel of the National Wildlife Refuge System”, the refuge encompasses over 14 miles of trails that visitors can walk through or enjoy via a wildlife tour. Santa Ana also offers visitors a glimpse of the rich history that encompasses the RGV.

More Things to do in Alamo

Alamo is going to be full of fun activities during the summer:

  • Movies in the Park
  • Musical Nights in the Park
  • Summer Tennis
  • Swimming at the Alamo Municipal Pool
  • Summer Track and Field

Alamo also has plenty of mouth-watering restaurants that you won’t find anywhere else like The Original Willie’s Bar-B-Q and Tower Burger. These two restaurants have been taking the RGV by storm with rave reviews from visitors and residents alike.

Business is Better in Alamo

Alamo is only minutes away from McAllen and an hour away from South Padre Island. The city also has a $500 million retail potential and a 119,480 daily traffic count. For more information on how your business can find success where thousands visit during the summer, contact us.


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