6 Reasons to Support Small Businesses this Holiday Season!

Have you checked everyone off of your Christmas list yet? Instead of waiting in a never-ending line at a retail store, holding the same gift so many others also have, why not buy a unique one that will keep on giving from a small business in your community? There are plenty of perks that come with shopping at a small business. In fact, the Alamo EDC has put together 6 reasons why you should support small businesses this Holiday Season!

We offer small businesses, established businesses and entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow in Alamo. Learn more about how the Alamo EDC can help your business!

They Help Create Jobs

The Small Business Administration found that 28 million small businesses in America account for 54% of all sales in the country. Also, 50% of the working population is employed by a small business. By shopping small, you are supporting your community and bringing growth and innovation to these smaller employers.

Experience Personalized Services

Finding assistance at a chain store can be difficult; on Black Friday, for example, it’s nearly impossible. Small businesses offer an overall better personal experience that larger chains often fail to meet. While every business is different, smaller ones are used to more personal interactions with customers. With stronger customer service, these small businesses establish personal connections with the community, thereby building trust and a strong network, all while keeping the economy healthy.

Find Unique Gifts and Local Artists

Major corporations have replica items that are mass-produced. That shirt you bought at a retailer will probably be worn by hundreds or even thousands of people. Manufactured gifts lose their sentimental hold. However, at small businesses, you can find one-of-a-kind items that appeal to your specific interest. On top of unique finds, some small businesses offer products that are made locally, creating exposure to local artists in your area. By shopping small, you not only support your local economy, but local artists as well.

Make a Difference

Helping the local economy is great, but beyond actual dollars, small business owners are also more likely to volunteer and give back to their community as well. Small businesses are more likely to go beyond writing a check to a local cause and instead may get into fundraising and volunteering with local activities.

A series of studies by Civic Economics found that 48% of money transferred through purchases made at smaller businesses goes right back into the community, compared to less than 14% with chain stores. With these local bonds and partnerships with other organizations and businesses, greater community ties are formed, positively impacting the local area.

Better Customer Service

Strong customer service is one of the most important business features for entrepreneurs. Many times, you’ll find the owner behind the register arranging merchandise or any of the other intricacies that comes with owning a small business. He/she will always be available to help.

Another perk is that small businesses are more willing to offer flexible solutions for various situations. For example, returning an item is easy and can be completed much faster. Small businesses will often roll out the red carpet if need be (as opposed to big retail stores) when it comes to tending to a customer’s needs.

More Visibility

Word-of-mouth is a powerful thing. By experiencing the wonders of small businesses, you’ll most likely stop by another independent shop or local vendor in your community. It’s through these unique discoveries that you’ll more likely find other similar shops.

The Alamo EDC

The Holiday Season isn’t the only time to support small businesses. Remember your local stores when shopping for a birthday, anniversary or holiday gift. The Alamo EDC offers small businesses, established businesses and entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow. Reach out to us to get started!


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