3 Important Features That Can Help Your Business Thrive in Alamo

Only minutes away from McAllen, Edinburg and Pharr, the City of Alamo has a $500 million retail potential and over 400 acres available for warehousing and distribution. A large daily traffic count also makes the city vibrant for business opportunities. Check out these three other reasons why your business can flourish in Alamo!

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A Young and Skilled Workforce

A well-educated workforce is essential in conducting business in a competitive global environment. Workers rely on opportunities to update and expand their knowledge to help keep up with new technologies and ways of working. Alamo is one of the most beneficial places for your business’s operations in the Rio Grande Valley because of the city’s growing workforce that’s comprised of young, skilled workers who are bilingual and properly educated.

The statistics below outline the industries and occupations leading the employment sector in the city. Common industries include:

  • Retail trade
  • Construction
  • Educational services
  • Accommodation and food services
  • Transportation and warehousing
  • Public administration
  • Health care and social assistance

Common occupations:

  • Agricultural workers, including supervisors
  • Other production occupations, including supervisors
  • Building and grounds cleaning, and maintenance occupations
  • Vehicle and mobile equipment mechanics, installers and repairers
  • Driver/sales workers and truck drivers
  • Retail sales workers, except cashiers
  • Material recording, scheduling, dispatching and distribution workers

International Trading

International trading has also blossomed across the Rio Grande Valley due to its close proximity to Mexico, impacting all of the region’s cities. With some of Mexico’s largest cities located near South Texas, businesses have a supplementary market encompassing 1.7 million people. Over nine ports of entry are available in the area as well. Along with land ports, businesses also have four prime public and commercial airports, four seaports and railroad accessibility.


The Alamo EDC encourages and supports comprehensive approaches that emphasize the city’s local initiatives, private sector opportunities and self-sufficiency. Some of the accessible programs we offer include:

  • Grants to new and existing businesses based on available resources only for offsite improvements where the resulting asset falls within public domain, such as, but not limited to: water distribution, sewage collection, drainage, public thoroughfares, medians, street lighting, solid waste collection, signage, etc.
  • The USDA-Rural Development: Intermediary Relending Program (IRP) is another resource for rural communities. EDCs can borrow money from the USDA at 1% for a maximum term of 30 years and acts as intermediary-relending money to ultimate recipients.
  • The USDA-Rural Development: Rural Business Enterprise Grant (RBEG) helps EDCs with rural projects that finance and facilitate the development of small and emerging rural businesses and helps fund distance learning networks and employment-related adult education programs.
  • The Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) provides tax increment financing for projects within identified areas.

Alamo All the Way

The Alamo EDC is committed to both enhancing the city’s quality of life and growing our business community. With measures and incentives that work two-fold to benefit both our city and your business, Alamo is the perfect place for your ventures to thrive and find success.


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